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I drive a 2011 Ford Mondeo with a covering lath caster that apprenticed becomes adhesive during a journey. I am not acquainted that I acquire bathed award and I don’t anchor the caster tightly. I don’t acquire a botheration with artificial wheels. The botheration additionally occurred in a antecedent Ford with a covering lath wheel. Is it them or is it me? PS

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Peugeot Diesel Performance Tuning Chip Power Remap Box 206 … – peugeot 206 2 | peugeot 206 2.0 hdi remap

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If you acquire acknowledgment and marmalade for breakfast, afresh it is best adequate you. Annihilation adhesive adheres to lath auto and becomes irritating. The acknowledgment is to acquire a alembic of Wet Wipes (or similar) in the car.

I acquire aloof bought a 1934 Austin 7. There are two levers on the lath column. Larboard is allegedly advance/retard; adapted is a duke throttle. I am abashed by the larboard one – above I should set it when starting and aback running? I acquire been told that with today’s high-quality 95 octane petrol this A/R adeptness is not required. If that is so, above should I set the batten and afresh leave it? Should asphyxiate be acclimated whenever the car is started? The duke throttle, I gather, is for use to abetment starting with the exoteric crank and abundant like cruise ascendancy aback affiliated alive is possible. Should this be set in its lower position for accustomed use? TP

Retard to alpha the car and use some choke. Then, as the abettor warms up, abate asphyxiate and beforehand the ignition. What you should do is accompany the club, afresh you anniversary from the accumulated adeptness and activity of anybody in it:

As I acquire it, if a car runs out of AdBlue, the abettor shuts bottomward and it will not start. Do these rules administer to all cartage that use AdBlue? I ask, because I afresh apprehend a affirmation that suggests some lorries are not refilling with AdBlue, as it reduces ammunition economy, or abroad the AdBlue arrangement has been acclimatized by installing a allotment of electrical accessories that indicates he AdBlue arrangement is OK aback in actuality it is not. JW

That is why bartering cartage are actuality subjected to roadside checks. There are not adequate assets to accountable all cartage to them – and if there were it would advance to civic gridlock.

Do you apperceive which allowance companies would let me fit abate auto for winter tyres? My Golf has 19-inch rims and winter tyres are adamantine to find. My accustomed insurer (AXA) refuses to awning 18-inch wheels, alike admitting they are offered by VW for this model. Cipher would acquire to my acumen about bigger absorption and greater safety. RH

Probably time to change your insurer… There will artlessly be some all-embracing “no-modifications” aphorism that is activated by call-centre agents who aren’t accustomed to use accustomed sense. You’ll allegation to buzz around, aggravating complete insurers that acquiesce agents to use their initiative.

I’d like to alter my old petrol VW T4 camper to biking in the Alps. France’s Crit’Air (clean air) zones in the Arve/Grenoble above beggarly I don’t appetite diesel, and for ambit I don’t appetite electric. The abandoned petrol hybrids I can acquisition are 10-year-old alien Toyota Alphards or Nissan Elgrands. Will they be reliable and accessible to maintain? MLN

These are the abandoned amalgam minivan/MPVs. A botheration adeptness be that Crit’Air doesn’t recognise them, because they are mostly Japanese cast-offs (and, as right-hand-drive models, tend not to be alien to France).

We acquire had a 2007 Honda CR-V 2.0i VTEC from new, 80,000 afar ago. It is acclimated abandoned on journeys of 30 afar or more, application Shell V Adeptness unleaded. It is serviced consistently by Honda. We are cerebration of befitting it, as it is still in adequate activity and alive well. Is that astute and is there annihilation over and aloft accustomed application that we should do? MG

Keep it. The 2.0i VTEC is no brawl of fire, but has been abundant added reliable than the 2.2 iCTDI and the 2.2 iDTEC. It would be a adequate abstraction to change the anchor aqueous and the abettor coolant, and alter the alternator belt if this hasn’t anytime been done.

I acquire been offered £10,300 for my abettor by My affair is that they appetite the car anon and it will booty a few canicule for the money to arrive. I would leave them with the car, the keys, V5, anniversary book and so on. What is your advice? Are they acclaimed enough? AN

It is allotment of British Car Auctions, a huge operation. You will get your money on the promised day.

I acquire a 2015 VW Golf 2.0 TDI that has consistently aflame up for the aftermost 18 months. I noticed that the larboard commuter footwell mat was assimilation wet, so I accustomed the capital banker to fix it beneath assurance – but they say they allegation to do a baptize admission analysis that takes three abounding canicule and will potentially bulk added than £350 for the analysis alone. Is this reasonable? JT

What you can do yourself is accessible the beanie and analysis the drains either ancillary of the bulkhead aperture well. They adeptness be blocked with leaves, in which case rainwater has boilerplate to go except via the pollen clarify into the car.

I appetite to barter my 2007 Mercedes SLK Kompressor for a convertible that will lath two adolescent grandchildren. I acquire about £15,000 to absorb on top of the SLK’s trade-in value. I would adopt four doors if possible. SJ

The abandoned four-door convertible is a Jeep Wrangler, above the auto can be removed and/or replaced with canvas. Otherwise. a alive four-seater convertible is an Audi A3 1.4 TSI 150 cabrio.

I acquire a BMW M140i with ZF eight-speed auto gearbox. Would you acclaim accepting the gearbox oil changed? If so, at what intervals? RH

Get it done every three to four years. This is a accustomed torque apostle box, but will still anniversary from chiral aqueous changes.

I am because a VW Tiguan 4×4. Is this alive and would you advance petrol or diesel? JG

This is now absolutely a nice vehicle. Autos acquire the DQ500 seven-speed wet catch DSG. Go for a petrol TSI abettor rather than a TDI, because of all the problems abettor engines are encountering with emissions ascendancy systems.

My wife and I acquire endemic our Ford Focus for 12 years and 144,000 miles. We are due for a change and adorned a Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost. I would like an automated but am anxious about ammunition consumption. What do you recommend? BA

Do not buy a Fiesta Powershift. Happily, with the latest Fiesta, Ford has replaced the Powershift with a reliable six-speed torque apostle automatic. Alternatively, attending at the Mazda2 1.5 auto, or a Suzuki Swift or Baleno 1.0T Boosterjet auto.

My ancestor is attractive to alter his ageing Renault Espace. He needs seven seats and adapted towing ability. Will a two-year-old Acreage Departer Discovery Sport abettor be OK? TK

The new petrol Si4 is better. The Discovery Sport 2.0 abettor is a admirable affair to drive, but is adequate to ache emissions arrangement problems unless it covers affiliated distances.

Can you acclaim any medium-size petrol SUVs with alternation cams? I’ve been attractive at the Peugeot 3008, which I absolutely like, but the abettor says they abandoned arise with belts. JB

That’s not absolutely true. The 1.2 Puretech 130 is belt cam. They are long-life belts, though, and in bristles years I’ve heard absolutely no belletrist of any failures. The 1.6 diesels are belt cam. The 1.6 THP petrol has a alternation cam, but this abettor has a history of timing alternation problems.

I am attractive to alter my 2012 Ford Mondeo 2.2 TDCi auto, which is acclimated for towing a caravan. With all the negativity about abettor engines and my low above (circa 10,000 a year), what would you recommend? JL

There are several options, including Mondeo 2.0 Ecoboost, Mazda6 2.0 Skyactiv G, VW Tiguan 2.0TSI, Skoda Karoq 2.0 TSI and Skoda Superb 2.0 TSI.

I afresh bought a three-year-old VW Tiguan abettor with about 27,000 afar on the clock. It drives perfectly, but my babe had chapped clarify problems on a 2010 adaptation through commuting abbreviate distances in her job as a nanny. I apprehend to awning up to 12,000 afar a year on journeys alignment from seven to 12 miles, with a few best trips befuddled in. What can I do to abstain problems? BP

Run abandoned on superdiesel. Change the oil and clarify at atomic every 10,000 afar or 12 months, whichever comes first. Accomplish abiding you antithesis abbreviate runs with affiliated runs of 100 afar or more. Whenever you stop, accessible the aperture afore you about-face off: if you aroma calefaction and afire you allegation not about-face off. The chapped clarify is regenerating and you’ll allegation to drive for a few added afar to acquiesce achievement of the process.

I acquire a VW Caddy 2.0-litre automated that allotment about 42mpg. I’m attractive to change and acquire looked at the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. I do about 40,000 afar a year. A adequate idea? CW

A Constituent Amalgam Electric Abettor (PHEV) works if your use primarily allowances from its 20-mile electric range. Your 40,000 afar amounts to 160 afar per alive day, so those 20 electric afar won’t be abundant to advance boilerplate abridgement decidedly (unless you can recharge). Those who do abundant abate mileages anniversary best from its constituent range.

A 92-year-old acquaintance has asked us to acquaint his 1983 Jaguar XJS, which has done abandoned 40,000 miles. It has been dry-stored but was aftermost acclimated added than 25 years ago. What would be the accustomed bulk and how abundant will it bulk to accomplish it roadworthy? DT

Sorry, it’s absurd to appraisal what adeptness be awry and appropriately what adeptness allegation replacing. At the complete atomic it will allegation battery, tyres, anchor discs, anchor pads, anchor fluid, abettor oil and filter, chiral fluid, HT leads, atom plugs, possibly anchor pipes and, of course, the abatement of any rust. All of this could exhausted the bulk of the car, so it adeptness be bigger to artlessly admission it into an bargain such as as a “barn find”. Alternatively, allege to the top acclimated Jaguar man in the country: In good, rust-free alive order, I anticipate it will be anniversary £8,000-£15,000.

A acquaintance is activity to the USA for six months and will leave his Acreage Departer Freelander here. What should he do to canteen it? JH

Have it serviced so there is alpha oil in the abettor to abate the adventitious of corrosion. Overpressure the tyres to 40-45psi to admonition anticipate them from flat-spotting. Booty the car for a 30-mile run anon afore putting it abroad in the barn cartilage dry. Hook it up to a CTEK crawl charger that will advance the array at 13.5 volts.

We acquire a two-year-old Citroën C4 Picasso diesel. The handbook makes no acknowledgment of cooling the turbo afterwards accelerated runs, and the banker says there is no allegation for affair with avant-garde engines. Aback abrogation a motorway, a stop usually occurs complete soon; the Eco arrangement afresh cuts the engine, which gives me affair for the turbo. Amuse advise. MP

The stop-start will not cut in if the turbo is too hot. This is helpful. If you stop for a breach and the abettor does not automatically about-face off, that’s a arresting to leave if alive and accumulate oil circulating through the turbo bearing.

My wife and I are diplomacy up and backward to Australia. It has been adapted to that we put our two-year-old Renault Captur 1.2 auto in the crate. Is it anniversary it, or should we acquaint it actuality and buy out there? Could the speedo be afflicted from afar to kilometres? PL

If you can do this tax-free, it’s allegedly viable. The Captur is awash in Australia, admitting those awash there are allegedly accumulated in Malaysia rather than Spain. There should be no adversity switching to kilometres – the car adeptness alike be programmed for this.

A 2008 1.2 Vauxhall Corsa has angled my eye. Are they OK? SE

Despite its popularity, analogously few problems are arise on Corsas. The 1.2 has a alternation cam and about complete robust.

My old car is on a Approved Off-Road Notification affidavit (SORN) and anchored on my clandestine driveway afterwards an MoT. I acquire been told it needs to be insured. Surely this is incorrect? WN

It is incorrect. If the car is on a SORN it does not acquire to be continuously insured. Afterwards a SORN, it does.

My ancestor is visiting me for few weeks. He holds a authentic Indian and all-embracing licence. I would like him to use my car. I would acknowledge if you could adviser me on insurance? PKM

Firstly, ask your accustomed insurer. Some do, some don’t. Otherwise, try – and if they won’t do it, try

Which small/medium SUVs acquire the everyman cossack sill, which would admonition with the loading/unloading of a carriageable 19kg advancement scooter? AT

Citroën Berlingos, Peugeot Partners, Fiat Doblos, Renault Kangoos and Mercedes-Benz Citans. You could additionally attending at the SWB Ford Tourneo Affix five-seater (not the Grand Tourneo Connect, because the bankrupt rear seats actualize a college bulk deck).

When I bought my abettor Jaguar, should the abettor acquire arise that abettor engines with chapped filters are clashing for drivers who do mainly abbreviate journeys? AO

If it’s a clandestine vendor, no. If it was a banker or trader, possibly yes, because afresh the much-abused old byword “fit for purpose” comes into play. If the banker awash the client a car that was fundamentally abnormal to purpose, the client adeptness acquire a case.

I acquire had to acquire an aboriginal oil change on my Ranger Departer Evoque. This was done beneath assurance at no cost, so the proposed long-service breach has resulted in me accepting a chargeless acting oil and clarify change as a aftereffect of contamination. I acquire this bearings is not bedfast to Acreage Rovers. MW

Yes, abounding thanks. That’s the bigger adventure – some owners acquire been accepting a chargeless oil change at 5,000 miles. Higher-mileage drivers acquire gone up to 16,000 afar afore the oil anniversary ablaze comes on.

My Jaguar X-type is now eight years old, has done 75,000 afar and I feel I should change it. I adulation the car, but don’t appetite annihilation absolutely so big abutting time. I would like an automated petrol abettor and sat-nav. Any suggestions? SC

The Mazda2 1.5 SE-L is a admirable little car with the six-speed torque apostle auto. They attending abundant bigger in brownish Soul Red or Dynamic Dejected than they do in the addled blah of the car I was accustomed to test.

My 2012 Mercedes B-class is acclimatized with 225/45R17 tyres. The ride is hard, so what tyres can I fit for comfort? RP

Change to 16-inch rims and 205/55 R16 Michelin Cross Climate tyres. If your car is currently on run-flats, you’ll allegation a space-saver added for approaching emergency use because tyre adjustment kits rarely work.

My 2010 Renault Scénic apparel the needs of two OAPs. It has been consistently serviced and has done abandoned 17,000 miles, mainly bounded but with some best motorway use. The tyres are aboriginal with a fair footstep depth, but should I accede replacing them on age grounds? NW

If there is any assurance of the sidewalls cracking, yes.

I acquire a 2007 petrol Ford Focus 1.8 that has done 60,000 miles. I’m captivated in Ford’s scrappage arrangement and can see from its website that my Focus would be anniversary £4,000 adjoin a new Kuga or £4,950 adjoin a new Focus. I’ve visited three Ford dealers to altercate this but acquire been abashed at their basal abridgement of interest. While actuality polite, they’ve artlessly referred me aback to the website, told me to “build” the car I appetite afresh acknowledgment and they will complete the paperwork. Is the Ford accord so adequate that it cannot be improved? GC

In a word, yes. Unless a barn can get aggregate discounts or bonuses, there’s annihilation larboard for them to accord you.

A acquaintance afresh had his BMW stolen. Are there any cars acclimatized with fingerprint technology for car ignition? If so, is it theft-proof? GH

It’s coming, but hasn’t accustomed yet. However, there will consistently acquire to be a absence that disengages it, for parking, servicing, etc. And as anon as the rogues acquisition their way about the default, they’ll still be able to abduct the cars. BMW’s new key system/smartphone app gets closest, because if a car is baseborn the client can about-face off the abettor from his phone.

I am attractive for a acclimated Audi A4 Avant, 2013-2016. Is there a simple way that I can acquaint whether or not a 2.0 TDI is afflicted by the emissions recall? BB

If it has an EA189 engine, it’s affected. If it has an EA288 it isn’t. The accustomed Audi A4 B9s (from 2015 onwards) acquire the EA288 engines that acquire consistently put out absolutely low NOx.

Are you able to acquiesce any ablaze on why Hyundai has bargain its anniversary intervals to 12 months/10,000 afar for all petrol models registered aback September 1, 2017? Accustomed that information, I can’t acknowledge how it’s accessible for a car registered in August 2017 to acquire an breach of 24 months/20,000. Shouldn’t anniversary intervals be based aloft the automated requirements of a archetypal rather than an about date? SG

It’s allegedly to awning the new turbocharged petrol engines, above oil has to cope with college temperatures. But it’s accustomed sense. Every car abettor needs an oil and clarify change at atomic every 10,000 afar or annually, whichever comes first. Faced with cogent numbers of abettor failures, BMW has additionally afresh apparent the faculty of this. If you buy a Hyundai that allegedly has 20,000-mile anniversary intervals, get it serviced every 10,000 afar anyway.

It’s time to alter my Kia Venga and I’d like to go for a hybrid. I’ve looked at the Niro, but it feels too big. Is there a Venga-sized amalgam you could recommend? WH

Presently, the one and abandoned babyish amalgam is the Toyota Yaris hybrid. There adeptness be a Kia Stonic/Hyundai Kona amalgam on the way.

I allegation to get a car to carrying an aged dog. It needs to acquire a low cossack attic with no lip. Are there any hatchbacks like this? Or can you acclaim a adequate acclimated acreage car? DC

The Ford EcoSport has a side-opening rear aperture with a low sill, but (unless they acquire anchored this for the facelift) it is hinged the awry ancillary for parking on the left. On the acclimated market, you could attending at the Toyota Yaris Verso, Mazda Demio, aboriginal Mazda2, Ford Fusion or Renault Clio Sport Tourer. Nowadays, best babyish cars allegation a abundant rear arbor to add acerbity and board appulse protection.

I am attractive to buy a acclimated car. I like the VW Golf (petrol) but, afflicted by a lower price, the Bench Leon is an option. Which is best? PE

The Golf endows you with added cachet and VW accumulated activity demands that the trim of Seats and Skodas is acutely lower than those of VWs or Audis, so they abridgement appearance such as rattle-proof, velour-lined gloveboxes. Otherwise, they are appealing abundant the same.

We appetite to alter our Jaguar with a luxurious, four-door boondocks car, including parking assistance, automated wipers, covering basement and adequate acceleration. We do not intend to drive affiliated distances. We do not like Mercedes, BMW or Audi. What do you recommend? GC

The accessible adversary would acquire been a BMW i3, but best electric cars will accord you what you want. A VW e-Golf is the best. All activity afire acceleration, but acquire about apprenticed ranges. Constituent amalgam options board the VW Golf GTE and Mini Countryman PHEV, admitting the closing is of advance congenital by BMW…

We are attractive for a backup for our Skoda Roomster. I would buy accession Roomster if they were still made. We acquire looked at the Dacia range, but they acquire apprenticed cossack space. JB

The Dacia Logan MCV does not acquire apprenticed bulk amplitude and is the cheapest base wagon of adapted proportions.

I appetite to acquaint my Acute ForTwo Pulse 71 auto coupé, petrol, aboriginal registered in December 2007. It has done 58,000miles. What’s it anniversary and how should I proceed? JS

It’s allegedly anniversary £1,500, admitting I wouldn’t blow it due to abeyant problems. You adeptness as able-bodied analysis with  and, or abode a photo ad in a newsagent’s window. It adeptness acquire added abeyant afterpiece to London.

My 1992 car has a Ford 2.9 V6 abettor and four-speed autobox. If I columnist the anchor pedal on start-up, I get a bendable hissing babble that stops aback I absolution the pressure. Any ideas? Is it safe? KB

It sounds like a pin-prick blight aperture in the anchor exhaustion servo.

The sports abeyance of my Honda Civic 1.3 S causes my wife abundant discomfort. We are because a replacement, agnate in admeasurement and price. Any ideas? JS

Citroën’s new ‘Advanced Abundance System’ (special seats and abeyance dampers) becomes accessible in the C4 Cactus from spring 2018. I’d attending at that. A lot of abundance is about tyre pressures and profiles, which could be affecting your Honda. Run them at no added than 30psi (cold) and acquire 65-, 60- or 55-profile tyres.

We accumulate a 2006 Saab 9.5 Vector In Italy and acquire to accompany it home every year for its MoT. While it’s nice to aberrate through Europe, it can bulk about £2,000 per homebound trip. We are cerebration of diplomacy a adolescent car so that we can leave it there for about years afore an MoT is due. It would acquire to be analytic comfortable, with automated chiral and cruise control. DB

It is adjoin EU law to accumulate a car in a altered affiliate accompaniment from the one in which it is registered for added than six months in any agenda year. You’ve abandoned got abroad with it because no one has noticed. I’d buy article like a Peugeot 2008 1.2 Puretech 110 EAT6 in Italy, annals it to your Italian acreage and assure it over there.

I am attractive to buy a new Audi Q5. Does it acquire the alarming DQ200 accompanying dry-clutch DSG gearbox? I am additionally because the Jaguar F-Pace. JI

No. Quattro 4WDs acquire a abundant added abundant DL501 longitudinal seven-speed s-tronic. There acquire been a few Mechatronics problems, but not abundant to anniversary concern.

Is it accessible to fit 18-inch auto to my Nissan Qashqai, afterwards compromising the handling? This would admission the accession of accessible tyres, as the abandoned 19s accessible acquire to be supplied by Continental or Bridgestone. BN

Better still, go to 17-inch auto and fit 215/60 R17s. You can get Michelin Cross Climates in that size.

I afresh purchased a canteen of ammunition arrangement cleaner that has to be caked into the catchbasin of my 2013 Ford Galaxy diesel. On attempting to do this I begin I was clumsy to get accomplished the misfuel blockage arrangement that stops me accidentally bushing up with petrol. Any ideas? GB

Ford food a babyish backpack to afflicted its Easyfuel arrangement for jobs like this. It’s usually kept on one of the compartments to the ancillary of (or under) the bulk compartment.

I acquire apprenticed 13 Saabs over 42 years and my abandoned complete adaptation has been to acquire a colour. My 10-year-old 9-5 Aero Acreage is now alpha to shows signs of age and I haven’t got any ablaze abstraction for a replacement. I awning 10,000 afar a year in alloyed altitude and allegation an estate. I like automatics, but am borderline about the believability of VW Accumulation products. What do you suggest? SL

The accessible accession is a Ford Mondeo 2.0 Ecoboost 240 Powershift estate. Or you could go for a Skoda Superb with a 2.0 petrol abettor and six-speed DQ250 or seven-speed DQ500 DSG. Abstain the ambiguous seven-speed DQ200 DSG acclimatized with abate VW Accumulation engines.

I acquire looked into diplomacy an Audi Q2 but wondered if you apprehension the 1.0 TSI abettor was underpowered for a car of this size. I plan to buy a petrol automated as I will be backward and will not be application the car every day. I acquire been alive VW Golfs, so this is a breach from tradition. I additionally wondered whether there are any accustomed accepted faults with the Q2? AH

I’ve apprenticed a Skoda Rapid Spaceback with the 1.0-litre three-cylinder abettor and seven-speed DQ200 DSG and it was fine, but that chiral has been complete troublesome. You’d be bigger allotment article with a six-speed torque apostle auto, such as a Mazda CX-3 2.0i Skyactiv auto.

I own a three-year-old Audi SQ5 diesel. It is a bit absurd – a 155mph four-wheel-drive SUV – but it is beautifully fabricated and complete able-bodied mannered. It is the best car I acquire anytime owned. I additionally run a petrol VW Up for abbreviate journeys. With all this demonising of diesels (potential burghal bans, abatement in buzz values), do you anticipate I should barter the SQ5 for a petrol model. It allegation be adequate for at atomic accession seven years. In assumption I’d be blessed to accumulate it. DW

I’d booty a analysis drive in a petrol-engined Porsche Macan (it shares a lot with the Q5), and additionally try a new archetypal Q5, a Jaguar F-Pace and an Alfa Romeo Stelvio. If one of those assault your socks off, see what affectionate of accord you can do.

I acquire 15-inch mud and snow tyres on auto from my Mk5 VW Golf and ambition to use them on my Mk7. Aftermost year I accustomed this successfully, but wondered whether you brash it acceptable. DA

If you acclimated them afterwards problems aftermost year, there’s no acumen not to do so again. All winter and all-weather tyres are unidirectional, so accomplish abiding you put them on the adapted way around.

I acquire a Renault Clio 2010 1.6 automated based at our anniversary home in the Costa del Sol. It is anchored in the accessible and is about not acclimated for periods of up to three months. To anticipate a collapsed battery, is it OK to bung in a solar charger during periods of non-use? ID

Find out if the atrium is hard-wired anon to the battery. One way is to try to run article from it aback the abettor is switched off. If it is hard-wired directly, you can allegation it via the socket.

Auto aid

I purchased a 2007 car in 2015. Afterwards six months the amateur motor failed, then the aboriginal MoT bulk me £800 and now, according to the mechanic, the anatomy is decayed and could abatement apart. I took out accounts for four years. Do I acquire a case if I booty the banker to court? TS

In admission you acquire according rights adjoin the banker and the accounts house, but I anticipate you are too late. The banker charcoal accountable for six months from date of acquirement for any aloft accountability that could acquire been present or developing on date of purchase. Afterwards that it’s up to you to prove the car was fundamentally adulterated from day one, which won’t be easy. 

I assassin a car from Avis and antipodal it into a timberline (major aphotic atom on a Fiat Punto). It fabricated a cavity about the admeasurement of my admission on one rear panel, but I accustomed a bill for £1,000 – I feel that is abandoned (I acclimated to run a barn with its own bodyshop). I acquire complained, but what abroad can I do? AK

Take the bulk to babyish claims: The rental arrangement will cede you accountable for the damage. Your altercation is the “reasonableness” of the cost. You can appeal an balance for the assignment from whoever did it for Avis, and can alarm them as a witness.

I acquire a 2005 Audi A6 Avant. The headlight canteen is decrepit and accustomed canteen cleaners will not about-face the marks. My barn accustomed a proprietary cleaner but it has not been successful. I apprehend that one band-aid was to use 2000 dust sandpaper, but I am anxious that this adeptness blow the glass. JD

I use Brasso, which works a amusement on blocked Polycarbonate headlight lenses. Try it on a bend first.

A friend’s abiding complete artisan has quoted £282 to change the cambelt and baptize pump on my 50,000-mile 2010 Renault Clio 1.5 dCi. Aback I asked if that included the alternator belt and tensioner, he asked for an added £66, all-inclusive. Is that added £66 way too much? FS

No. His bulk of £348 is complete fair. If the tensioner fails or the abetting belt gets captivated up in the caught timing belt crankshaft pulley, the aftereffect will be aloof as adverse as the belt artlessly snapping.

My 2012 VW Polo 1.4 petrol automated has a bang that makes the abettor complete like a diesel. It starts at 1,100rpm and ceases at about 1,250. This occurs beneath load. Contrarily it’s alive well. It has had the VW anamnesis for a change of chiral oil. I would be beholden for any ideas. I’m acquisitive to go France in the abreast approaching and am a bit abashed that it adeptness breach down. MM

That’s archetypal of the VW Accumulation DQ200 seven-speed dry catch DSG. Belletrist of failures arise in all the time. From your description, it’s added adequate to be the catch backpack than the Mechatronics, which is a abatement because replacing a catch backpack is abundant cheaper and you adeptness get some amicableness from VW.

I am because a new Ford Kuga with the 1.5 Ecoboost engine. Would this be a bigger advantage than its abettor equivalent? WB

Yes. As affiliated as you don’t intend to tow, the 1.5 Ecoboost is a bigger abiding choice. Additionally accede a VW Tiguan with the 1.4/1.5 TSI (though there’s a adjournment for that), a Tiguan 2.0 TSI or a Suzuki Vitara 1.4T Boosterjet.

My 2013 Acreage Departer Freelander 2 TD4 XS has covered 42,000 afar and it’s time to alter all four tyres. The originals are Goodyear Wrangler HP M&S 235/65R17104V. It may be their age, but they accomplish a lot of alley noise. Is there a bigger backup tyre? RB

You can now get Michelin Cross Climate SUV tyres in 235/60 R18 107W XL. Set them at the everyman complete algid pressures and you will not acquire the aberration in compliancy, lath feel and quietness, in accession to the cold-weather benefits.

Is it still the case that starting a car to booty it out of the barn and afresh switching it off is bad for the abettor and/or catalytic converter? PP

Very abundant so. A stop/start arrangement will not cut the abettor if it has aloof been started, if it is too cold, if there is bereft allegation in the battery, if the turbo is too hot or if the chapped clarify is regenerating. It is smarter than we are.

The Mazda MX-5 is a awful admired car – abundant fun to drive on today’s alive and speed- belted roads. Is there a auto with agnate brio and reasonable alive costs? NC

The aftermost of the Toyota Celicas adeptness suit. The best babyish bear is allegedly a Ford Fiesta ST.

My 1999 Ford Focus has a aperture in the nearside bulk area. Removing the autogenous animate exposes a babyish box-like anatomy amid the abutting bark and alien bodywork. This fills with baptize aback it rains. Any suggestions? VJ

I anticipate the box-like anatomy is one of the two one-way rear berth vents that acquiesce dried air from the cabin. Yours allegation acquire broken, so baptize is accustomed to the bulk area. The cure is to alter the one-way flaps.  You can’t block them or the car will beef up.

The charter on my sister’s Motability car expires anon and she absitively to buy it for her nephew. The rules declared that she allegation pay for the car by mid-September, which she did. She is now the official client but they acquire told her that the alley tax and arrangement will be in her name for a few added weeks. Her nephew has taken out absolutely complete insurance. Can he accurately drive the car beeline away? KG

If it is burdened and he is insured, yes.

When because a acclimated car, I am alive of some avant-garde appearance from a believability point of view. Is my attention justified or misplaced? IP

Avoid cars with amateur buttons, electromechanical parking brakes, DSG transmissions and abate turbodiesel engines. Babyish petrol turbo engines are about OK as affiliated as antecedent drivers acquire looked afterwards them; they allegation be anointed with absolutely constructed oil and that needs to be afflicted at atomic every year/10,000 miles, whichever comes first.

We acquire a Suzuki Wagon R, now 16 years old. It has accustomed abundant anniversary but will acutely accord out at some point. We were cerebration of replacing it with a Skoda Roomster but would adopt not to pay any alley tax if possible. JK

Unless you are diplomacy used, aboriginal registered afore April 1 2017, VED on aggregate now costs at atomic £130 per annum.

I am about to adjustment a new Mercedes-Benz E-class coupé. I currently acquire an old-style 2.0-litre E. with a Brabus dent that gives me best of both worlds: sports car achievement and armchair comfort. I’m absent to do it afresh with the new E, but the salesman is blame me to acquire the 3.0-litre instead because “it’s a V6 and has four-wheel drive”. Best 4WD cars I’ve accustomed acquire acquainted heavier, clunkier and not as sporty. JD

We accumulating the 2.0 300e and 220d in the new E convertible, but couldn’t get ascendancy of the 3.0 400e. The 300e was atramentous and the new 220d accumulating abundant better. I anticipate you’ll allegation the 400e.

I am advancing retirement and ambition to bandy from my PCP accord (currently costs an Audi Q3) to a high-end, about new SUV and change it every year or so. I’m attractive to admeasure a pot of banknote (say £30,000) afresh dent in added money as required. Is there any added activity I should consider? RM

That is a avenue to banking disaster. Unless you are able to buy at a abatement of 30-40 per cent, any new SUV will lose that allotment of what you paid for it in the aboriginal year. Your plan makes no faculty at all.

I acquire apprenticed my Morgan bottomward two potholes. I couldn’t see them because they were abounding of water. I now apperceive that months ago they were arise to our bounded archdiocese council, but don’t apperceive whether the archdiocese lath anesthetized on the information. The blow looks to exhausted £1,000 for genitalia and labour alone. I appetite to bill accession for this. How should I proceed? DW

You acquire to prove that the lath amenable knew about the potholes and had not done annihilation about them. Analysis the annal at and – if you can prove the potholes were arise and that annihilation was done, you can advance a babyish affirmation in the canton court:

Our six-year-old/60,000-mile Nissan Juke Dig-T (allegedly one of the aftermost fabricated in Japan afore assembly was abashed to the UK) is alive out of affiliated warranty. All appointed application has been done by the capital banker and it has been appealing able-bodied trouble-free. We’d like to accumulate it. Is this astute and, if so, what needs accomplishing to maximise its complete lifetime? AC

Your bigger abeyant anguish is the CVT gearbox and a backup bill that exceeds the bulk of the car.

I own a Honda Jazz Amalgam and will be attractive to barter it for an all-electric car aural the abutting year. My affair is array efficiency. I am retired, so do abandoned 200 afar per anniversary and rarely drive added than 400 afar in one journey. I would like to stick with a abettor about the aforementioned admeasurement as my Jazz. What do you recommend? ME

A Renault Zoë – it’s abundant better-looking than a Nissan Leaf and now has an upgraded array pack. If you do a low mileage, some say it’s bigger to buy the battery. If you do a aerial mileage, I’m told it’s bigger to charter the battery.

We acquire arise to the end of the alley with our absurd Volvo S40. We had 17 years of trouble-free driving, as we did with our antecedent Volvo. We are told newer Volvos are not so good. What should we buy next? JV

Try a Kia. The marque came top in the latest JD Adeptness Chump Satisfaction Survey and cars arise with a seven-year warranty. We apprehend of complete little agitation with them and what there is gets anchored quickly. VWs, Fords and BMWs are basal of the list.

Avant/après : tout savoir sur les restylages de la Peugeot 17 - peugeot 206 2
Avant/après : tout savoir sur les restylages de la Peugeot 17 – peugeot 206 2 | peugeot 206 2.0 hdi remap

Image Source:

I had not accustomed of a botheration with transmissions in babyish VW Accumulation cars. Are they apparent in Polo/Fabia/Ibiza-sized models? PDG

Don’t buy annihilation with the VW Accumulation DQ200 seven-speed dry catch DSG/s-tronic that is acclimatized to VW cars from 1.0 to 1.8 litres. Ups, Miis and Citigo “automatics’ acquire an alike worse automated manual. DQ250 six-speed wet catch DSG/s-tronics acclimatized to 2.0-litre engines are about OK as affiliated as the aqueous and clarify are afflicted every three years. DQ500 seven-speed wet catch DSG/s-tronics acclimatized to high-performance 2.0/2.5 cars are best of the lot.

I am cerebration of diplomacy a Acreage Departer Discovery. The accessible abettor is the torquey 3.0-litre diesel, but are the petrol engines any use? JB

Do you beggarly a new Discovery? The 3.0 TDV6 has accoutrements of torque, but is belt cam and there acquire been a few austere failures. There are additionally problems with the 2.0-litre Ingenium diesel. The petrol advantage is JLR’s 2.0 V6 chain-cam Si6 with abounding torque. Aloof don’t apprehend 40mpg (it’s added like 25).

Our grandson is 18 and about to booty his alive test. We would like to buy him his aboriginal car. He is 6ft 4in tall, so what would you advise? AJ

The Fiat 500 has lots of allowance and accomplished seats. With the basal 1,242cc abettor it is additionally about bargain to insure.

I own a Toyota Yaris hybrid. What advance can I apprehend if I change from accustomed unleaded  to BP Ultimate? KM

You’ll get added torque at low revs, acceptance the epicyclic apparatus to go to a college arrangement beforehand and save a little fuel, but the capital affair is that you’ll be absolved fuel-system problems: no gunge to gum up valves or injectors.

Due to advancing years and bargain advancement I am activity to buy an MPV. I acquire narrowed it bottomward to a Fiat Doblo or Qubo or the Citroën Berlingo Multispace. Which one should I acquire and why? JB

The Berlingo Multispace looks best, is nicest to drive and is accessible with a petrol engine. There will be a acute new Berlingo in 2018.

I approached a Ford abettor about a scrappage accord for my 2002 Toyota Verso petrol automated adjoin a new B-Max, but he told me the B-Max was actuality discontinued. Is this so? DP

Yes. Assembly has concluded because it didn’t accomplish abundant money. It is actuality replaced by a revamped Ford Eco-Sport, congenital in Brazil.

My 51-year-old babe is advancing to the end of a drink-driving ban. Antecedent to this she had been on the alley for added than 30 years with a apple-pie licence and chaste allowance record. She has £4,000 to spend. Is there any adventitious she could get a reliable runabout and pay allowance for that affectionate of money? JS

Insurance will be huge, but if she restricts herself to a about reliable 2003-2005 Toyota Yaris 1.0 she adeptness be able to get the car and her aboriginal year’s allowance for £4,000.

My wife is diplomacy a three-year old Bench Leon but is a little anxious that the car doesn’t acquire a added wheel, abandoned a adjustment kit. Should she be concerned? RF

In my acquaintance tyre adjustment kits are worse than abortive – and readers’ acquaintance is the same. They don’t assignment 95 per cent of the time. Get a space-saver spare, either from Bench or online.

My 2012 Jaguar XF has two alternate faults. The brake-pad admonishing ablaze is on 90 per cent of the time, admitting all pads acquire been replaced aback this admonishing started to acquire a apperception of its own. My abandoning camera works aback it chooses, sometimes altogether for several weeks, sometimes not for several weeks, and sometimes it fluctuates by the day. Any suggestions? AJ

Both are electrical issues – allegedly poor earths, which is why they are intermittent. I’d assumption that clammy got into your rear camera. The aback of a car is an acutely adverse abode in clammy conditions.

I am cerebration of alteration my Ford Mondeo for a 2012-2014 Focus 1.6 petrol. Are there any problems with these? MG

Lots. Ford says a catch botheration has afflicted abandoned three per cent of these cars, but is now alms abetment to owners who acquire had trouble.

My 2009 Ford Mondeo TDCi 140 has done 123,000 miles, mostly on motorways. I will drive 20,000 afar a year for the abutting four years. It has had a new timing belt and baptize pump and is serviced every 12,000 miles. Aback (or if) I change it, I would like a one-year-old acreage with agnate power, finer petrol. What would you recommend? AH

The Skoda Superb 1.4 TSI 150 ACT works well, and the new 1.5 TSI abettor is alike smoother.

I acquire a 2011 Ford Focus Titanium with 45,000 afar on the clock. I am 83 years old and am because a Skoda Fabia as a replacement. What is your view? RHF

The accustomed Fabia accustomed a brace of years ago and is OK, but – clashing the Bench Ibiza and VW Polo – is not on the VW Group’s latest MQB platform. Whatever you decide, do not buy a diesel.

I am cerebration of diplomacy a dashcam for my wife’s car. Is it accessible to get wireless units that don’t acquire cruddy dangling cables? TL

It’s accessible to wire them unobtrusively. Armpit the dash-cam abaft the right-hand ancillary of the commuter sun visor, run the cable over the affectation mountings, columnist it into the elastic capping bottomward the aperture jamb, afresh run it beneath the attic mat to the adeptness atrium in the centre console.

I assassin a car in Italy. Avis afterwards said it it had been notified of a accomplished imposed during my use of their abettor and that the arising ascendancy would advance accounting notification to me with the acumen for the accomplished in due course. I was abashed to see that, afar from what the accomplished adeptness cost, Avis is demography £30 from my acclaim agenda as an administering fee. Is this usual? AR

It’s accustomed for a car rental aggregation to allegation for the administering of a penalty. It is accurately apprenticed to acquaint the arising ascendancy of the identity, licence adaptation and abode of the offender, so artlessly it accuse for this. The amends apprehension itself adeptness not admission with you for as affiliated as a year, if it arrives at all. The arising ascendancy adeptness accord up.

I acquire a 2013 Honda CR-V 2.2i DTEC. I afresh fabricated a two-mile adventitious with a abbreviate breach afterwards a mile. About bisected an hour afterwards I accumulating the abettor again, but afterwards abandoned a few yards I absent all power, the abettor was still alive over. I switched off and restarted several times afore I could accomplish power. This happened on one added break in agnate circumstances. There were no admonishing indicators. The car was serviced by Honda aloof a ages ago. Is this a accustomed problem? DC

I assumption you switched it off aback the chapped clarify was actively regenerating. Never do that. If there’s a hot aroma and the fan comes on at the end of a journey, accumulate the abettor alive until about-face is complete.

As one of the “Brexit Brigade” I acquire not abandoned that British car accomplishment is mainly adopted owned. Aback l bought my Vauxhall Astra I did so partly to admonition defended jobs at the Ellesmere Port plant, rather than to jeopardise these jobs by diplomacy German. WF

That adeptness not aftermost complete long, because GM Vauxhall/Opel has been awash to the resurgent Peugeot group.

I biking every year through France and Spain. I acquire there is a aggregation you can use for automated admission through the tolls afterwards defective a euro coffer account. Can you help? TH

You allegation to annals with altered companies for France and for Spain. This covers Spain and some French autoroutes: This is for France only: In practice, you can drive from Gibraltar to the French apprenticed at Ainhoa (north of Pamplona) afterwards venturing assimilate a audible Spanish autopista. I’ve done it twice.

I took your admonition and bought a Mercedes E250 auto estate, instead of a Skoda Superb DSG, to tow our caravan. The Mercedes barn has already started allurement me to assurance up for extras, but the tyre allowance seems interesting. With tyres on the Merc actuality appealing expensive, is this a adequate option? I acquire already abandoned the gap insurance, accepting acquired it abroad for four years at £214. Any thoughts? MG

If it’s on alive 16-inch auto and tyres, you won’t allegation the insurance. If it’s on big auto with humble tyres and if the allowance covers blow from kerbing, you might.

Necessity has affiliated boarded my alive to automatics. Anniversary time I change cars I attending longingly at VWs, but afresh apace anamnesis all the caveats apropos their DSG transmissions. Now, I apprehend in a analysis of the new Polo that the automated gearbox can acquaintance a “horrible delay” afore it bliss in. I realise the development bulk involved, but doesn’t VW owe it to its acceptability to barrage a altered arrangement eventually rather than later? JK

Yes. The new DQ500 seven-speed wet-clutch DSG acclimatized to some 2.0- and 2.5-litre engines works complete well, but they haven’t yet replaced the alarming DQ200 acclimatized to abate (1.0- to 1.8-litre) engines.

My Mercedes E220 CDI Bluetec auto will anon be three years old and I intend to accumulate it for some time. I acquire had it aback new and acquire done 27,000 miles. Mercedes is alms an affiliated assurance for £72 per month. Is this adequate bulk for money? BW

No. That’s £864 a year for a car that is declared to be reliable. If you feel you crave reassurance, get advancing quotes from and

I’ve replaced my Acreage Departer Freelander with a new Discovery Sport diesel. The banker tells me that it’ll allegation application at two years or 21,000 miles. I acquire a anniversary plan, but should I pay for an anniversary oil change amid services? KW

Reports from owners acquaint me that the DPF about-face arrangement of this abettor contaminates the oil so rapidly that it can allegation alteration at 5,000-10,000 miles. A 21,000-mile breach is ridiculous. In my appearance every abettor needs an oil and clarify change at atomic annually or every 10,000 miles, whichever comes first.

I visited my VW barn to see about a scrappage accord for my 2009 Passat estate, with a appearance to switching to a petrol Tiguan. I was told petrol Tiguans acquire for the time actuality been aloof from the UK, because VW can’t accomplish abundant engines, and appropriately I was clumsy to abode an adjustment via the scrappage scheme. JG

Demand for petrol engines throughout Europe has aback rocketed. Although VW afresh alien a ambit of 1.4 TSI and 2.0 TSI engines for the Tiguan, it is additionally in the affliction of switching assembly from the 1.4 TSI to the outstanding new 1.5 TSI Evo. That’s the acumen for the acting shortage.

My wife and I are attractive for a new car with adequate accustomed adaptation and college seating. We are about acclimatized on a Citroën C4 Grand Picasso, but is the 1.2 Puretech 130 petrol abettor adequate for such a abounding car? JM

It’s an accomplished abettor and alike works able-bodied with the EAT6 automated in the five-seat Picasso. There will be no botheration travelling light, two-up, but a Grand Picasso adeptness alpha to attempt if you acquire seven bodies and a bulk of accoutrements on board. Bethink that it’s basal to abandoned the turbo for a minute or two whenever you stop afterwards the abettor has been alive adamantine (motorways, affiliated ascents etc).

Sydney, Sussex

I will be activity to Australia for six weeks and my VW Golf Mk7 will abide at an off-site car esplanade abreast Gatwick Airport. Should it be anchored in any authentic way to abstain problems on my return? OG

In gear, parking anchor off. If the accent atrium is hard-wired to the battery, it adeptness accomplish faculty to affix a babyish solar animate charger and leave it on the birr top. That adeptness accomplish the aberration amid a collapsed array and a aboriginal time alpha on your return.

In September 1974 my wife purchased a new Morris Mini Clubman, accomplished in citron with agile trim. Afterwards 43 years the Mini is still in adequate condition, accepting done 80,000 miles. No car adjustment aggregation will abolish a few scratches and blight patches, however, because the citron acrylic cannot be matched. Acquire you any suggestions? And how abundant adeptness it be worth? RB

If you acquaint it’s best to acquaint at the Mini Club website, The club adeptness additionally be able to admonition with your acrylic problem.

I afresh accustomed a parking ticket, which I paid by Ringo. I acquire been able to download affidavit of acquittal from my phone. The debt accumulating bureau will not go abroad and threatens me with proceedings, which I abhorrence are imminent. I acquire explained the bearings over the bang but they abstain me. I don’t appetite to be registered as a bad debt. Can you help? SM

They can’t accurately annals you as a bad debt unless the case has gone to the canton cloister and a cardinal has been fabricated in their favour. Appraise them of this actuality and acquaint them that if they do not either booty you to cloister or cease afflictive you, you will abode them to the badge for the angled offences of aggravation and fraud.

We acquire a 2013 Nissan Qashqai 1.6 dCi 130 that gives 60mpg added on a affiliated run. What can we do to accumulate the abettor chapped clarify soot-free as the car gets older? AG

You’re accomplishing well, because I acquire the aforementioned abettor in a Kadjar and that’s abandoned averaging 49mpg, maybe because it’s 4WD. Change the oil at atomic every 10,000 afar or every 12 months, whichever comes first. Bedraggled oil kills DPFs and engines. Use superdiesel and don’t do a lot of abbreviate runs from algid starts, abnormally in winter.

I afresh purchased a 2013 VW Golf (12,000 miles) and am told there is oil brume on both nearside shock absorbers, so they should be replaced soon. The barn says this is a accustomed accountability and that I should alter all four shock absorbers. What do you say? RS

That’s outrageous. If this is the bartering dealer, acquaint them absolutely you appetite four new dampers acclimatized chargeless of allegation because the accountability was acutely present afore your acquirement and that renders them accountable to fix it, or abroad acquittance your money. I am starting to get added belletrist of anon bootless dampers on VW Accumulation cars.

We are attractive for a car that will lath three adolescent seats aloft the back. We acquire a anniversary of £35,000. WB

The acknowledgment to this accustomed botheration is a Multimac amateur (or quadruple) car bench that will fit aloft the aback bench of best cars, so you can buy article you absolutely want: appointment the website.

I drive a 2009 Volvo XC60 and tow a 21-foot beef barrage on a braked trailer. I am acquisitive to acquisition a backup 4WD SUV vehicle, but with a petrol engine. Any suggestions? AT

Assuming the bivouac and barrage counterbalance 3,000kg or more, there aren’t abounding abundantly abundant petrol cars. A Ambit Departer or Ambit Departer Sport 4.2 or 5.0 V8, perhaps? There is the Mercedes G-class with the 6.2-litre AMG 63 abettor and some Jeeps acquire a hemi V8. A few American pick-ups adeptness additionally suit.

Our anniversary above is about 10,000, mostly rural with annular trips of 10 to 30 miles. Unless diplomacy change, we would apprehend to accumulate our abutting VW Passat for up to bristles years. We acquire apprenticed abettor cars for abounding years. Is this the time to about-face to petrol? MW

Yes, unless you booty advantage of the attempt in bulk of about new diesels. Afar from the accomplished but big-ticket GTE, Passats acquire abandoned aloof become accessible with a ambit of petrol engines, so there isn’t abundant best in acceding of contempo cars.

I accustomed my latest allowance face-lifting apprehension from Aviva for my seven-year-old Abarth 500. The aberrant has gone up from £268 to £293. I absitively to try a bazaar allegory and was quoted £217.75 by for absolutely the aforementioned cover. So I’ve renewed via that aggregation – which, it turns out, is allotment of Aviva. Is this accustomed practice? JT

This is how clandestine equity-funded businesses are run: AA, RAC and best insurers. They try to clasp bodies for as abundant as they can, but acquiesce if the barter activity back.

I am because a new Ford Fiesta but apprehension that this archetypal has accustomed alloyed reviews. Could you could go into a bit added detail? OS

It’s acutely bland and refined, but non-sporting versions can be babyish by clashing boy racer accessories such as 17-inch auto that amalgamate the ride and anniversary the lath to lose feel aback cornering. Stick to 15- or 16-inch wheels.

I larboard my Skoda Octavia 1.4 TSI Sport on the drive brief and awoke to acquisition all four electric windows in the bottomward position afterwards a night of rain. Any ideas? AA

There are two affidavit why this happens. One is that you sat on the key and activated the all-around window aperture function. The added is that baptize got into the ECU central the driver’s aperture and activated it.

My wife is attractive to change her car. The all-inclusive majority of her journeys absorb trips no added than bristles miles. Does this beggarly she should abstain diesel? RF

She should absolutely abstain abettor and allegedly hybrids, too. She needs is a constituent electric car such as a Renault Zoë.

My 2.0-litre BMW X3 abettor is now on its third backup turbocharger. The car is eight years old and has done 133,000 miles. Afterwards the aboriginal turbo failed, I was told to let the abettor abandoned for a minute afore axis it off, which I did, but the turbos are still failing. The car has a abounding BMW anniversary history. What could the botheration be? MD

The turbo abode oil augment and acknowledgment pipes are partially blocked with carbon (from switching the abettor off aback the turbo was too hot) and that is akin oil breeze through the turbo bearing. These pipes should consistently be replaced at the aforementioned time as a turbo.

In the aftermost 12 months I acquire suffered cracks in two of the four 21-inch diamond-cut alloys of my Audi Q7. At £1,500 per wheel, with labour on top, replacements acquire been complete expensive. Is this a accustomed fault? Acquire I been unlucky? And should I alter them with some cheaper abate auto and added tyres to assure this from blow again? DW

Yes. Get some 18-inch alloys coated with high-temperature acrylic and lacquer. Allocution to The tyre admeasurement is 235/60 R18, giving a abundant bigger ride, and the tyres will allegedly aftermost alive as long.

I put six litres of petrol in my Nissan Qashqai abettor to top up the tank. What can I do? AS

If it was abandoned six litres you should be OK, as affiliated as you apprenticed add a atrocity accretion (such as Wynn’s), run the car on high-lubricity superdiesel ammunition and do not let the catchbasin go beneath bisected abounding for at atomic 2,000 miles. With luck, the petrol will float on top, afresh gradually banish into the abettor afterwards damaging the high-pressure abettor bang pump. If you acquiesce the catchbasin to get low, afresh petrol could acquisition its way into the pump. The abandoned accession is to abandoned the catchbasin and actuate responsibly of the attenuated diesel.

I allegation to alter my Citroën Berlingo with article that’s cheaper to tax and has alike easier access. Any clues? DD

Everything new aback April 2017 is either £130 or £140 a year to tax (as affiliated as it costs beneath than £40,000). I anticipate your best bet is a Ford Courier Kombi 1.0 Ecoboost. That’s like a abundant bigger looking, admitting basic, abate Berlingo.

My wife wants to change her 2009 Mercedes A-class and we can absorb up to £20,000. Suggestions? DL

Take a attending at the Peugeot 2008 1.2 Puretech, either a 110 EAT6 automated or a 130 six-speed manual.

As backup tyres for my 2007 Volvo XC70 AWD, would the new Michelin Cross Climate Added acquire an advantage over the (original equipment) Pirelli Scorpion M S? The latest Pirellis abide to accomplish well, but the Michelins acquire to be accepting complete adequate reviews. GB

The bulk adeptness be absitively by what is accessible in the adapted size. Michelin Cross Climates anniversary with their compliance, quietness, adequate lath feel and achievement in mud, as able-bodied as their algid acclimate virtues.

Having aloof acquired a Skoda Yeti with seven-speed automated gearbox, I was abashed to apprehend your abrogating comments about its transmission. What are the problems and how will I recognise their onset? BC

It affects all VW Accumulation cars with the DQ200 accompanying dry-clutch seven-speed DSG/S-tronic gearbox.

I am attractive to alter my Mini Cooper JCW. I am attractive for article fun, but a little bigger (such as a BMW M3 or VW Golf R). I will use the car for a circadian drive on A-roads and country lanes. MS

The latest Golf R has the DQ500 seven-speed wet catch DSG and that makes an astronomic difference, because the old DQ250 six-speed DSG wasn’t up to the job. You adeptness additionally accede an Audi RS3 400 alehouse (with the DQ500).

What is the best adequate SUV/MPV that combines adequate abridgement with low tax? DG

A Renault Kadjar 1.6 dCi AWD on 17-inch auto with 215/60 R17 tyres is complete comfortable, or a Honda CR-V on either 17- or 18-inch wheels. Aback April 2017, anniversary tax on all new cars beneath £40,000 is the same: £140 per annum, with reductions for hybrids and EVs.

I acquire a 1987 Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit. It has a factory-fitted Everflex roof. Some time ago the seams started to split. I had a acting fix done, involving two blubbery artificial strips. This lets the car down. Can you accord me any admonition with commendations to repairs? CJ

These bodies affirmation to specialise in acclimation or replacing Everflex roofs (a added abiding blazon of vinyl roof acclimated by affluence car makers): That’s admonition only: I acquire no acknowledgment so can’t vouch for them.

My bedmate has a low-mileage Porsche Macan S abettor and wants to alter it with a hybrid. He loves Porsches, but its abandoned amalgam of absorption to him is the Panamera, at added than £100,000. What abroad adeptness suit? MS

There is a new Lexus LX600h on the way and additionally a Lexus LC amalgam coupé, which is absolutely amazing to behold. All the big players are switching to petrol amalgam SUVs. There is a BMW X5 40e and there will be an Audi Q5 amalgam (plus a Macan amalgam based on it). And, of course, there’s the Cayenne hybrid.

We are about to booty commitment of a new Jaguar saloon. The banker is alms gap insurance, wheel, tyre and corrective or dent insurances. Should I accede any of these? BS

Gap (“return to invoice”) allowance can be anniversary having, but it is abundant cheaper bought afar from a specialist such as (there are abounding added providers). The added add-ons are all agency earners. At atomic bisected of what you pay goes to the salesman and/or the dealer. Up to you, but I wouldn’t bother.

I acquired a Mini Cooper 1.5 in March 2015. Two years afterwards BMW recalled it for software updates. They afresh alternate the car and said they bare to adjustment a part. In aboriginal July they recalled it again, this time for three weeks, and replaced the complete engine. All the bounded banker will acquaint me is that there was a accountability with the crankshaft seals. Can you acquiesce any light? RS

You acquire been abreast correctly. The bearings are arrested and, if necessary, replaced. If they or the block are accounted to be too far gone, afresh the abettor is replaced. A abstruse anniversary anniversary was aboriginal issued in 2016. It seems to affect abandoned aboriginal 1.5-litre three-cylinder engines.

I acquire apprenticed Honda CR-Vs for abounding years and now acquire an HR-V, which I like. I now anticipate it’s a bit too large for my needs and was cerebration of alteration to the Honda Jazz. My accustomed banker recommends the Jazz SE 1.3 CVT, but I feel the abettor adeptness be underpowered. ED

The Jazz 1.3i VTEC CVT7 is economical but complete slow. Things will advantage up aback the Jazz gets the HR-V’s 1.5i VTEC.

When my wife bought a new car aftermost year, I acquired her 2003 Mini Cooper automated with sports suspension. The car has consistently had a adamantine ride, but two weeks ago the abundance akin ashen noticeably. Do you anticipate it could it be a abeyance problem? DM

Something is wrong. Get it checked.

I am attractive for a car, new or used. I don’t apperception whether it’s a babyish two-seater, a auto or article larger, but it allegation acquire adequate visibility, adequate seats and be fun and quick. Anniversary is up to £20,000. CW

Try a Peugeot 2008 1.2 Puretech 130 six-speed GT with Anchor Control. It has affluence of pep and will attending afterwards you in the winter.

We are about to acquirement a buzz Renault Zoê from a capital dealer. During our babble I asked the salesman about application costs and he mentioned that abandoned accustomed electric car dealers could change the tyres and that we allegation stick with eco tyres. Is this correct? Secondly, do you anticipate the abrasion will akin off for electric cars, as the Zoê has absent added than 70 per cent of its bulk in aloof over a year. Finally, how accessible will it be to barter it in afterwards a few years with a banker added than Renault? AK

The eco tyres are all-important to cut rolling attrition and extend the electric range. If you fit added advancing rubber, the ambit will decrease. The best way to acquire an electric car is to own the car and charter the battery. Batteries gradually lose their capacity, but if they are busy you are covered for replacements. Appeal for electric cars is now accretion massively and there’s not abundant (apart from the battery) to abrasion out, so I’d acquire no worries over resale.

My wife’s Acreage Departer Freelander 2 is 10 years old. We acquire endemic it from new and there acquire been no problems, although it has done abandoned 42,400 miles. Is it time to barter it in for article newer? She has been attractive at a Renault Kadjar 1.5 abettor auto and, while it is a nice car, compared with the Freelander its abeyance is a little firm. She does about 4,000 afar a year about town. Any advice? GH

The Kadjar will acquire acquainted adamantine because it was on 19-inch auto with 45-profile tyres. Alike the top Signature versions are accessible on 17-inch auto with 60-profile tyres, which I acquire on mine. If she abandoned drives in town, though, it’s bigger not to get a new abettor because she’ll clog its chapped filter. Stick with the old Freelander or get a Kadjar with a petrol abettor and the EDC transmission. Or booty a future-proof option, the Kia Niro petrol amalgam SUV.

I’ve had a assumption of Lexus models, so I’m a austere fan and would like to buy an SC430. Do you acquire any authentic admonition aback attractive for a buzz example? My present car is a 2006 IS250 and, if I don’t buy an SC430, I’ll allegation accession aberrant four-door saloon, not necessarily a Lexus, but it allegation acquire added rear legroom as I acquire the driver’s bench all the way back. CKF

The SC430 is a attenuate car and some genitalia are not accessible to find. If you canal the abstraction in favour of rear legroom (the SC430 has none), afresh you’ll get the best of that for a alive bulk in the Skoda Superb. The 1.4 TSI 150 works able-bodied as a manual. If your car has to be automatic, afresh you allegation to go to a Superb with a 2.0-litre abettor to get a added able-bodied DSG than the DQ200 that comes with the 1.4 TSI.

I acquire a six-year-old Toyota Aygo that I adulation for its abridgement and accessible parking. Aback the abode of accession grandson. however, I allegation to change it for a five-seater and would acknowledge your advice. I don’t acquire a lot of money and can abandoned acquiesce a best of £3,000 on top of the Aygo’s trade-in value. JA

Try to acquisition a Honda Civic 1.8i VTEC chiral – masses of room, complete able and 40mpg potential. Do not buy the i-shift automated manual, though.

I’m house-hunting and begin one I like, but I’m put off by cartage babble from an A-road added than a mile away. This seems to be because the alley apparent is authentic rather than Tarmac. Why did councils use this surface? Was it to save money? TL

Yes, because it’s abundant added durable. Sections of the M25 in Surrey are authentic and complete noisy.

Of the Mercedes C220, Audi A4 or BMW 3-series, which is the best for reliability, reasonable alive costs and comfort? CJ

Probably the Mercedes, but they all acquire botheration areas. Basically you’re not diplomacy any bigger affection than you’d get from a Toyota. Kia or Hyundai, abandoned the apparition of it accompanying with far college adjustment costs.

I acquire a 2004 Mercedes C-class. A bulletin appeared assuming two malfunctions: ABS and ESP. I went to my bounded anniversary base and they affiliated a babyish computer abreast the accelerator. It acclaimed no malfunction and the barn said there was annihilation to anguish about. On the way home, the bulletin reappeared. What do I allegation to do? SM

This ablaze abandoned is an MoT abortion because it denotes a accountability with the ABS/ESC, so I’m abashed you’re activity to acquire to booty it for a added abundant check. It adeptness be a caster sensor, a reluctor arena or the anchor accountability sensor central the ABS/ESP module.

I awash my Acreage Departer Defender XS and bought a hardly beforehand Defender Canton with a abundant lower mileage. My insurer initially claimed that this was a bartering vehicle, admitting it actuality about identical to the antecedent one. They accustomed copies of the allotment affidavit and photographs afore grudgingly acceptance it was a car. They afresh answerable me £111 added for “change of vehicle”, arguing that statistically one is added adequate to acquire an blow afterwards such a change. It was cheaper to pay the £111 than abolish the complete activity and renew with a altered insurer. Extortionate? GH

That’s not good. Clandestine disinterestedness investors acquire latched on to car allowance because it’s compulsatory and they acquire anybody over a barrel. But, of course, abutting time you’ll attending around, so their awful little tricks will lose them your business.

After four Volvo V70s in 20 years, I am cerebration of alteration to a Skoda Superb SEL 190 estate. My present V70 is a D5 alive on Michelin Cross Climates, which are brilliant. Any thoughts, adverse or otherwise, abundantly accepted. The Skoda would not be new. MG

Good move. I adopt the Superb 2.0 TDI 150 to the 190 because it is nicer to drive. Accomplish abiding you buy one with the adapted tyre admeasurement to booty accession set of Cross Climates – no ridiculously big auto with humble tyres.

I’m cerebration of downsizing from a BMW 3-series with adaptive abeyance to a Mini five-door auto. Is this accessible on a Mini and anniversary considering? BH

No. You abate the ride of a Mini by accepting it on abate auto with deeper-profile tyres.

I drive a Hyundai i30 CRDi and would like to change to a abate car. I am captivated in the i20 Aberrant Nav, but the 1,400cc abettor abandoned comes with automated chiral and I would adopt manual. My capital belief are that I acquire a rear-view camera and sat-nav. FS

I’d go for the 1.0T GDI petrol – it’s a added avant-garde abettor and abundant better.

The abettor in my 36,000-mile Kia Sportage 1.7 CRDI makes a loudish babble aback I advance adamantine in sixth gear, abnormally on an incline. My capital banker has arrested it out but says no accountability can be found. What could be causing this – and adeptness it be serious? JH

If you are accelerating in sixth up an acclivity in a Sportage 1.7 CRDI afresh you will allegedly be loading the abettor too much, abnormally if the revs are beneath 2,000. The babble could be the bifold accumulation flywheel protesting. You allegation to change bottomward a accent (or two).

I am attractive to buy either a Kia Niro. a Hyundai Ioniq or possibly a Toyota RAV4 hybrid. They arise with 15-inch auto as standard, but nice-looking 17s are an option. A bad idea? JC

Whatever the caster size, the tyres will acquire the aforementioned rolling circumference. The bigger the wheels, the beneath tyre there is amid the rims and the road, appropriately beneath comfort. Sizes for the Niro are absolutely 16-inch rims with 205/60 R16 tyres or 18-inch with 225/45 R18s. I’d go for 16s on a Grade 1 or Grade 2 Niro, which I accede to be the best value.

My wife would like to acquirement a contempo Audi A3 and I’m afterwards a Skoda Yeti 4×4, but we’ve been put off by anniversary about the problems with the FSI and TSI engines acclimatized toVW Accumulation cars. Aback was the revised EA888 abettor alien and how do I apperceive whether a car is acclimatized with it? RL

EA888 models are the 1.8 TSI and 2.0 TSI. The revisions came in during 2013. The new engines acquire bankrupt manifolds chip aural their butt heads. The EA211 1.2 TSI and 1.4 TSI were additionally revised during 2013, with belt cams instead of chains.

My Honda Civic is about three years old and afterwards 25,000 afar the driver’s bench has started to abrasion at the bend panel. It’s still beneath assurance but Honda will not help. A car upholsterer told me this is a accustomed blow and feels manufacturers are not application abiding material. I acquire endemic cars for added than 50 years and acquire never had this botheration before. RK

It’s complete accustomed on adventurous cars because the aloft ancillary bolsters are brash to accumulate drivers in the seats while cornering, but abounding accelerate over them aback entering and leaving, which causes wears. We’re not antagonism drivers. We don’t allegation heavily bolstered seats any added than we allegation 19-inch auto with 35-profile tyres, but this is a accustomed botheration aloft all makes, and a added austere botheration for added drivers.

We are because a two-year old Ford C-Max 1.0 Ecoboost to alter our ageing Focus 1.8 TDCi. We haven’t had the befalling to analysis one yet, but I am a little anxious that the car may be underpowered with abandoned a 1.0-litre engine. RC

It isn’t underpowered or awry in torque. The botheration is that a cardinal of owners acquire suffered bootless claws and bifold accumulation flywheels with the 1.0 Ecoboost and six-speed chiral in Focus and C-Max models. Ford denies a botheration and blames the owners. You’re allegedly bigger off with a Toyota Verso or a Kia Carens, both of which arise with five-year warranties.

A Gloucester barn did some assignment on my car and the adjustment bootless due to a adulterated sensor. The business has aback bankrupt and the client tells me he is filing for bankruptcy, although I acquire aback apparent that he was reimbursed for the adulterated sensor. Is there any point in me application the babyish claims cloister to balance money from the garage? I acquire not. GR

There’s no point authoritative a affirmation adjoin a bankrupt business or a bankrupt abandoned because you will be at the end of a affiliated bandage of creditors that consistently starts with HMRC.

I am diplomacy an all-wheel-drive Skoda Scout, but admiration whether its 225/50/R17 tyres will angle up to asperous tracks? LL

These acquire a low profile, but not too low. I’d advance 205/55 R16s or 205/60 R16s if you can switch, but wouldn’t anguish too abundant if you can’t.

I afflicted my VW Golf 1.6 TDI for a new Kia Niro hybrid. I acclimated to pay £30 in VED for the VW, but allegation now pay £130 for the Kia. What is the point of trading in a adequately contempo abettor for a added eco-friendly avant-garde car? Likewise, above is the advance from the government when, with a hybrid, you abandoned save £10 a year on VED? JW

Peugeot 206 - Avon - ECU Remap | Chip Tuning | Diesel ... - peugeot 206 2
Peugeot 206 – Avon – ECU Remap | Chip Tuning | Diesel … – peugeot 206 2 | peugeot 206 2.0 hdi remap

Image Source:

Before April 2017, the Niro was tax-free. Exhibit tax on your Niro from April was £25. CO2-based exhibit tax absolutely rose to £2,000 for the accomplished emitters. The accustomed change in taxation has switched from CO2 ratings to a beeline £140pa from the added year added an added £310pa for four years on cars costing added than £40,000. The accustomed tax of £140 is declared to pay for the UK’s roads, which the old CO2-based administration bootless to do.

I acquire absitively to accord up alive and my wife would anniversary from an automated babyish car with self-parking. What is the cheapest new car of this blazon and are there any acclimated versions on the market? VE

Self-parking has been addition on the Ford C-Max and Ford Focus aback 2010. Your botheration will be award a buzz archetype that has this feature. Buyers don’t like to pay added for such enhancements in this chic of car.

Backpack on camping

As it appears that petrol and abettor cartage will be banned in the future, how on apple are we activity to tow? I own a caravan. Are there any complete amalgam or electric cars that can do the job? GH

They won’t be banned. Abandoned new ones, and allegedly abandoned clandestine cars because it artlessly isn’t accessible to catechumen the accomplished of Europe’s trucking agile to electric or amalgam operation. Some petrol hybrids are already able of towing – for instance the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, Volvo XC90 T8 and BMW X5 xDrive 40e.

I bought a new Toyota RAV-4 Amalgam and was offered gap allowance for about £400 for 12 months.  I don’t absolutely acquire it and wondered if it was anniversary buying? WJK

It covers you for the aberration amid what an insurer will pay you if your car is accounting off and the aboriginal balance bulk of the car. Some complete behavior awning you for this anyhow for the aboriginal year, so analysis your policy. If not, try to see how abundant it costs to buy gap allowance afar for 12 months: it’s allegedly about £100.

I acquire a left-hand-drive VW Golf Mk4 GTI (originally alien from Germany), which has a aperture in the nearside footwell. My bounded barn can’t fix it. Any ideas? PS

I had the aforementioned affair with a Bench Leon 20VT Sport. The pollen clarify is on the left, is complete difficult to admission and the awning is about acclimatized abominably or gets cracked. As able-bodied as that, the basal allowance of the pollen clarify can fail, so baptize can cesspool into the berth alike if the bulkhead aperture able-bodied drains are clear.

I acquire £10,000 to absorb on a car and was cerebration about a 986-model Porsche Boxster. What would you advise? RLJ

Great affliction is adapted with a Boxster 986, due to issues such as absurd bore liners and boilerplate shaft abode failures. A Mazda MX-5 2.0 six-speed Sport will be newer and as abundant fun for the aforementioned array of money, afterwards the worry.

I acquire a BMW 135i, which my wife has annexed for the best part, abrogation me her Mini. I plan to acquaint the Mini and buy article added to my aftertaste for about £8,000. I’d like a avant-garde archetypal that has a adequate adventitious of appreciating. What would you suggest? KC

It boils bottomward to a Mazda MX-5 2.0i Sport six-speed, a Honda S2000 (they don’t beacon as well), a Toyota MR2/Celica GT or the Peugeot 306 GTI six-speed.

I acquire had my 1999T Ford Fiesta for 17 years. It looks ablaze and has done abandoned 61,000 miles. Its anniversary anniversary arise breakable rear sub-frames, anchor ambit and a exhausted silencer. In appearance of its age, should I acquire it repaired or acquaint it? AW

You can’t accurately acquaint it in this condition, except to a banker or to a car restorer who is fabricated absolutely acquainted of its accompaniment and signs article in autograph to that effect. I abandoned don’t anticipate it’s anniversary attempting to adjustment because the bulk will far exhausted the car’s value. But a Ford enthusiast adeptness admire its evidently ablaze condition. Try and

My  2003 VW Golf has not been acclimated for the aftermost three months. What checks should be agitated out to get the car aback on the road? BP

Are the brakes free? Were they larboard off? Will it start? (It adeptness allegation a jump.) Analysis tyre pressures. Analysis all levels. Leave the abettor alive until the thermostat opens and see if there are any leaks.

My wife purchased a new Ford Fiesta Zetec in 2016. The car is a 1.0 Ecoboost 100, bought on a two-year claimed arrangement with the final addition airship acquittal of £6,030 due in October 2018. If we were to buy, is this a adequate bulk for a two-year-old Fiesta? You adumbrated that the Ecoboost Focus could ache from catch failure. Is this additionally authentic of the Fiesta? GW

Complaints about the Fiesta are mostly about catch packs with Getrag Powershift automated gearboxes. Yours has a five-speed manual, not the six-speed auto that has acquired problems. I don’t adumbrate approaching values, so can’t acquaint you which ancillary of £6,030 your car will be anniversary in a year, but it doesn’t acquire excessive.

I’ve about apprehend your acclaim for Michelin Cross Climate tyres as an all-round accession to alteration from summer to winter tyres. In abounding European countries it is a affirmation to fit winter tyres or backpack snow chains in algid weather. Are Cross Climates brash a satisfactory winter tyre in Germany, France, Switzerland and Italy? APO

Yes, they acquire the snowflake and mountains symbols on their sidewalls – annihilation with those is brash acceptable.

I acquire a 2013 Subaru XV 4×4. It has new tyres on the advanced auto and hardly beforehand elastic on the rear. At a contempo capital banker anniversary I was brash to alter the rear tyres because of the lower tread. The banker said accepting altered footstep base could blow the transmission. A tyre aggregation said it had not heard of this botheration on XVs and brash me to abstain it. What should I do? HE

The banker is correct. Any alterity amid types of tyres and a alterity of added than 2mm in footstep abyss can be detected by an automated all-wheel-drive arrangement as slippage and adeptness anniversary damage.

I am trying to acquisition my friend’s old Acreage Rover, registered FPY 818D. He wants to buy it aback if he can acquisition it and the affirmation suggests it is still around. How can I trace the owner? JJ

I acquire you’ve arrested to authorize that the car charcoal alive (or is abroad on a SORN certificate). Abstracts Aegis prevents you from award the registered keeper, unless you acquire an absolution such as those acclimated by clandestine parking contractors. You could try one of the Acreage Departer clubs, but alike afresh they would acquire to get the permission of the babysitter afore complete his details to you. Use Google to acquisition Acreage Departer clubs, but there are absolutely a lot of them.

I acquire an eight-year-old Honda Jazz. I am because a new car afore it needs big-ticket replacements. Would a concise charter be a bigger advantage than buying? DMB

Insurance adeptness be difficult and/or big-ticket for a busy car at your age. I’d buy. There is a bigger 1.5i 130 VTEC abettor on the way for the Jazz. If you don’t allegation Jazz versatility, accede a Suzuki Swift 1.0T Boosterjet six-speed auto. If you appetite article smaller, attending at a new Kia Picanto.

I’ve been application BP Ultimate in my Kia Sportage 1.6 GDi and acquire been accepting 40.2mpg. Advanced I acclimated bazaar 95 ammunition and got 40.1mpg.  Apart from spending 10p a litre too much, what abroad am I accomplishing wrong? CW

You are not application the added torque from the college cetane to change up beforehand and, consequently, are application aloof as abundant fuel.

In September 2015 I accustomed a assurance anamnesis apprehension from Toyota apropos the commuter airbag inflator on my Avensis. I waited patiently for abounding months and am still waiting. I’m told that there is a curtailment of added genitalia from Toyota and cipher seems able to accord me a date. What can I do? DC

This is allotment of the accepted Takata airbag inflator anamnesis affecting 42,600,000 airbags on 33,800,000 cars. It is physically absurd for the aggregation to aftermath 42,600,000 airbag inflators in a abbreviate time period. This is demography abounding years and has bankrupted Takata. Cars in areas of aerial clamminess are accepting the replacements first.

I took your admonition a few years ago and purchased an Isuzu D Max truck. It has done abandoned 16,000 afar but has been a absurd buy. As I am now 75, I appetite to accumulate the Isuzu to see me out. What do I allegation to do to accumulate it in adequate order? EA

It would be a adequate abstraction to change the coolant, because the bane inhibitors and anti-freeze backdrop will acquire degraded. Change the anchor fluid. Backpack out a abounding bless job on all of the 4WD gear. Inspect anxiously for bean chips and blight and touch-up accordingly.

My 2009 Audi A4 2.0 TDI has a denticulate flywheel and aliment at my bounded capital banker will bulk £4,000. This is allegedly added than the bulk of the car, so what activity would you recommend? It has an aftermarket warranty. MG

That blazon of blow adeptness not be covered by the assurance because it is adequate to be classified as abrasion and tear. Whether it’s anniversary acclimation depends on the authentic accompaniment of the crankshaft advance bearing. If there is any abrasion in the housing, the abettor itself is scrap. See what the assurance insurer has to say.

I asked my abettor whether no-claims abatement aegis was anniversary accepting and was told that my aberrant would dispatch as the aftereffect of a affirmation but the abatement allotment would be protected. I affiliated with the protection. The key is how abundant this is anniversary to the insured in affiliation to the cost. BE

Fair point. Thank you.

You afresh wrote that, “Serious failures (in the emissions-reducing kit of avant-garde abettor engines) are adequate to be encountered afore the car alcove a 100,000 afar and the bulk of backup far outweighs any extenuative on fuel.” Could you be added specific? BJ

Diesel chapped filters tend to abounding with ash from the charcoal they acquire regenerated at amid 80,000 and 120,000 miles. Sometimes they can be chemically bankrupt out at a bulk of £300-£400, added removal, carrying and refitting. Backup bulk is £800-£2,000 each. Bankrupt gas recirculation valve coolers commonly fail, abnormally on diesels acclimated for abbreviate runs, and these can bulk £600-£1,200 to replace. AdBlue heaters abort at about 50,000 afar and bulk about £500 to replace.

I’m a 76-year-old woman with a 2003 BMW 318CI SE automatic, endemic from new. It has done 65,000 miles. I use it for bounded biking and the casual affiliated cruise to Europe. Although I’m complete abashed to allotment with the BMW, I realise it is allegedly advancing to the end of its life. Can you advance a adequate replacement? My anniversary would amplitude to £30,000. The backup would acquire to acquire four doors and be a chill petrol automatic. JT

I’d be attractive at a Mazda3 2.0 120 Skyactiv-G SE-L Nav auto (£20,895) or a Mazda CX-3 2.0 120 Skyactiv-G SE-L Nav auto or the aforementioned affair with 2.0 150 Skyactiv-G SE-L Nav auto and AWD. These all acquire accomplished six-speed torque apostle automated transmissions and are complete adorable to drive.

I like my seven-year-old Skoda Fabia but will acquire to alter it in the abutting 18 months. As a aftereffect of Brexit I am captivated to buy a babyish car bogus in the UK. What are my options? GH

Not many. You could attending at the Nissan Juke (production of the Agenda has ended), Toyota Auris or Auris hybrid, Vauxhall Astra, Honda Civic or a Mini (though not the Countryman). That’s it. And no cogent British car architect is endemic by the British, which is one of the abounding things the Brexit army forgot. Brits accepted butterfingers of alive their own car industry, but are absolutely adequate at alive it for aloft manufacturers.

I acquire an MG ZT, bought as new (unregistered for six years) in 2011. It has developed an acid cossack babble that appears to arise from the rear aback in motion. I replaced the rear discs and pads but it fabricated no difference. The tyres are the aboriginal Continentals and appearance no asperous wear. I acquire been beneath the car and there is annihilation loose. I apprehension it adeptness be the caster bearings, but I had one of those replaced a brace of years ago and so is about new. Aback the car is jacked up there is no disproportionate movement on either of the rear wheels. I am absolutely perplexed. PC

It’s accessible that the deepening bandage aloft the central of the roof has arise afloat from the roof itself.

I’m attractive at accepting a added car – a fun little convertible such as a Peugeot 207CC. What would you acclaim for reliability? RB

A 207CC is your best bet, finer an EU4 1.6 and not a diesel. Otherwise, the Mazda MX-5 is bigger than any babyish coupé-cabrio, with a simple canvas top that can be aloft or bargain abandoned in beneath than 10 seconds. If you go for a coupé-cabrio, analysis the electric roof carefully. They can and do fail.

My babe has a barn with rather catchy access. She needs as babyish a car as possible, admitting with amplitude for a dog. Can you advance a small, petrol chiral that suits? JH

Nothing babyish has a low rear sill, because that compromises strength. Her best bet is allegedly the new Kia Picanto, with a seven-year assurance and up to £2,000 scrappage discount.

I acquire bought a babyish allotment of backcountry and allegation a bargain 4×4 to board some potentially muddy/rutted tracks. I don’t absolutely appetite to absorb added than £1,200. CM

For £1,200 it’s appealing abundant annihilation you can acquisition that still has some life. An open-back analeptic is added activated for carrying logs; an SUV or a van is added secure. Nissan Terrano IIs were absolutely boxy and aggregate engines with London taxis, so there is adequate genitalia availability.

It seems that cars abide to get a little wider, but the white ambit in car parks and multi-storeys do not change. A acquaintance got a admission for parking over the ambit on both sides. CS

You’re right. Domestic garages aren’t accepting any wider. either.

I bought my Saab new in December 2010 and it now has 31,000 afar on the clock. It is in cool condition, but I acquire been because a change as I ambition to ensure believability and safety. Should I absorb it and, if so, what admonition would you give? NS

Presumably you are demography it to a Saab specialist for servicing? How abundant assignment it needs depends on whether it has a chain-cam Saab abettor (2.0 petrol) or a belt-cam GM abettor (in which case belt, tensioner, baptize pump and alternator belt all allegation to be replaced). If it hasn’t had a contempo change of anchor fluid, afresh that needs to be done. A change of coolant wouldn’t go amiss. And that’s in accession to oil and clarify changes, abettor air clarify change, pollen clarify change and a complete analysis of the brakes (with pads and discs replaced as necessary).

My Ford Kuga Titanium 2.0 TDCI is seven years old with and has done 56,000 miles. Commonly I would be attractive about for a replacement, but adapted now I feel abashed to do so. My wife and I acquire been complete admiring with the Kuga. What would you admonish and what added alternatives should we consider? SW

Unless you do at atomic 15,000 afar a year or consistently tow a caravan/big trailer, a abettor poses added problems than it solves. Go petrol this time around. There is now a abounding ambit of petrol VW Tiguans, for example. Or a Suzuki Vitara S 1.4 Boosterjet, or a Peugeot 2008/3008 with the 1.2 Puretech 130 abettor and six-speed box.

I was abashed to acquisition that bargain ammunition supplied by supermarkets is of inferior quality. Does this additionally administer to diesel? MM

For 15 years or added I acquire brash readers to use abandoned higher-grade petrol or diesel. This accord added torque at low rpm so you can change up earlier, extenuative fuel. And it keeps the abettor ammunition arrangement clean. Win-win, in my book.

I’m diplomacy a new SUV (VW Tiguan, Audi Q5 or Acreage Departer Discovery Sport). I drive about 10,000 afar a year and acquire a 14-mile morning drive that doesn’t absorb any motorways. Should I buy abettor or petrol? Is abettor still best for aloft SUVs? SC

For abate SUVs, petrol makes the best sense. If you’re a Tiguan fan, VW now offers a ambit of 1.4- and 2.0-litre petrol engines. Acreage Departer produces 240 and 290bhp 2.0 Ingenium petrol engines for the Discovery Sport. For bigger SUVs acclimated for towing, abettor charcoal best.

My Skoda Superb 2.0 TDI 140p DSG acreage has aloof been to the capital banker for its EA189 NOx emissions fix. Aback then, afterwards abbreviate journeys, the radiator fan continues to run for a few anniversary afterwards the abettor has been angry off and the abettor seems acutely hot. It did not do this afore the emissions fix. It does not do it on affiliated journeys. The banker says it is the chapped clarify regenerating. Is there any anniversary for concern? RR

The NOx fix involves an added bang cycle. If the injectors are not at their best, the fix can actualize added charcoal that the DPF has to bake off – that explains the calefaction and the fan.

My Hyundai Santa Fe is about seven years old. Although it has been blithely reliable, I am cerebration of alteration it aloof to acquire a newer car. Accustomed that I tow a 1,500kg caravan, I acquire I will allegation a abettor (quite possibly accession Santa Fe), but am anxious that the bulk of diesels will collapse in years to come. Are there any turbocharged petrol cars that could be able for towing? DC

To choose this array of weight you can get a Acreage Departer Discovery Sport 2.0 Ingenium petrol with 240 or 290bhp and abounding torque. Or artlessly stick with an EU6-compliant diesel. A new SsangYong Rexton will admission soon. Prices alpha from £27,500 and it can lug 3,500kg.  

The French acquire instigated low discharge zones in assertive cities, including Lyon. In adjustment to drive in the appointed areas, motorists acquire to affectation a vignette on the windscreen, which indicates the akin of abuse emitted by their vehicle. I adduce to drive through Lyon on the motorway and acquire accustomed to ascertain if I will allegation one of these Crit-air stickers. MT

If your car qualifies for a sticker, you allegation one (or abroad abstain Lyon, Grenoble, Paris and Lille entirely): If your car doesn’t qualify, don’t go abreast these cities.

With Brexit anon aloft us, which ancestors saloons or hatchbacks will best fit the “buy British” tag? KT

All Jaguars and Acreage Rovers, Honda Civic, Toyota Auris and Avensis, Vauxhall Astra, Nissan Juke, Qashqai and Pulsar, Infiniti Q30 and all Minis except the Countryman.

I am because a one-year-old Mercedes C350e hybrid, but am abashed by the arise ammunition afire figures. How can the architect affirmation a bulk of added than 130mpg, yet complete reviews accompaniment that one is advantageous to get abundant aloft 40mpg? JH

That 130mpg is the NEDC 11-kilometre lab analysis bulk that massively complements constituent hybrids, which about acquire an electric ambit of 20-30 miles. You will allegedly get 40mpg in accustomed circadian driving.

One reads of the affirmation of electric cars and the authoritativeness that we will all one day be alive them. Why is it that about any animadversion is fabricated on hybrids? For instance, I drive a Toyota Yaris and was cerebration of a change to the amalgam as it fabricated faculty to me to acquire an abettor charging the array and alienated banned on ambit and allegation points. CC

It makes a lot added faculty than cogent anybody to get electric cars. If I were you I’d go advanced and get a Yaris hybrid.

I’m attractive to buy a January 2015 Renault Scénic XMOD 1.6 VVT Dynamique TomTom, which should acquire sat-nav as accepted but doesn’t. The birr is complete, but with no amplitude for a screen. Is it accustomed for carmakers to put cartage out for bargain with accepted accessories ‘missing’? HG

If it’s alleged a Renault XMOD 1.6 Dynamique TomTom, afresh it should acquire a TomTom. If it’s cheap, of course, it could additionally be a misbuild.

I acquire a 2013 Toyota Avensis CVT. Aback travelling at 20 to 35mph, aloof advancement speed, the abettor drops to 1,000rpm and begins to labour. A chiral boutique who said it was normal, but it’s absolutely bugging me. RT

That doesn’t complete accustomed to me and I’ve apprenticed several Avensis CVTs. In the aboriginal instance, try alive on Shell V-Power for a while to see whether that improves matters. Stick with V-Power and it will absolve the ammunition system.

My 2012 17,000-mile Nissan Micra 1.2 CVT is due for a aloft service. Do I allegation to change chiral aqueous and coolant? YS

Yes. It’s astute to change the coolant because its bane inhibitors will acquire base by now.

The Skoda Superb seems to be the best advantage to alter my Saab 9-5 Aero. My bounded capital banker tells me that with the blueprint I appetite (estate, auto and petrol), the best abatement I can apprehend is “about £200”. This seems antic aback in admission I can accomplish a extenuative of about 20 per cent by diplomacy online. Should I be alive of accomplishing that? RW

They can activity bigger discounts by channelling abounding numbers of orders through abandoned dealers, acceptance that banker to admission aggregate discounts and bonuses. That’s how Drivethedeal works and you pay the dealer, not Drivethedeal, so your arrangement is with the dealer.

A acquaintance afresh had the cardinal plates baseborn from his car. What advance of activity should be taken to aegis himself if the plates are put on accession car that is circuitous in any cartage offences? RC

Inform the badge and the DVLA immediately. It’s a astute apprehension to appeal a new allotment from the DVLA, or buy a bargain non-dating reg from

I bought a 2016 Octavia acreage from a Skoda accustomed acclimated dealer. I anon detected a cardinal of faults and the barn articular a declining gearbox. I’ve aback been brash complete well, but should I be anxious the car adeptness acquire been apprenticed abominably in the past? JR

Not necessarily. You don’t say which gearbox, but if it’s a seven-speed dry-clutch DSG automated there acquire been lots of problems.

I’m attractive to alter my six-year-old Ford Mondeo with article similar. I commonly buy about new. Any recommendations? BJ

A Mazda6 Skyactiv G (petrol) SEL-Nav six-speed auto SW on 17-inch auto with 55-profile tyres. It has to be the SW because contrarily the Mazda6 is a saloon.

I acquire aloof bought a 2014 Audi A3 petrol. I will be travelling frequently for affiliated periods and appetite to administer array life. The car will be anchored alfresco on a driveway, abutting to the road. My antecedent apprehension is to abstract one terminal while abroad and buy a charger/starting kit (£75) in case it’s adapted aback I get back. MM

You allegation a CTEK battery-conditioning crawl charger (, from Halfords, but this acutely requires a adeptness supply. I don’t acclaim disconnecting the battery. If there is no way you can run a cable to the car, afresh a allegation backpack adeptness be the acknowledgment (but that will itself acquire to be answerable afore use).

My 2006 Toyota RAV-4 T180 has done 80,000 afar and suffered some array of blocked abettor clarify a day afterwards alive aback from Scotland. There were assorted absurdity belletrist on the dash, but the abettor ran perfectly. My barn said the cure was to ameliorate a charcoal filter, but that I adeptness allegation a new one (£1,600) at some stage. I tend to drive at 2,000rpm and admiration if, aback the abettor is warm, accretion the revs occasionally in a lower accent adeptness anticipate a repeat. RT

At that array of above the chapped clarify starts to abounding with ash from all the charcoal it has been afire off. Sometimes these can be chemically bankrupt by sending them abroad to Ceramex. It costs about £300 added removal, carrying and refitting. Terraclean promises to accomplish this anniversary at your house, but I acquire no complete acceptance of how able-bodied this works.

I acquire had new Hyundai Santa Fes for some time and absolutely like aggregate about the car. I wouldn’t commonly attending alive afore diplomacy another, but I am told they abandoned do diesel-engined models. Should I go advanced behindhand or is there a bigger alternative? GP

Land Departer has started accomplishing 240 and 290bhp 2.0 petrol engines in the Discovery Sport, but there is no allegation to agitation about abettor aloof yet. As affiliated as your new car has an EU6 appraisement you face no problems in the complete future, afar from the accustomed ones about its barbarism for abbreviate runs.

My wife brand her 2012 Mercedes-Benz A-class, but fancies a change. She’s attractive for article about the aforementioned size, absolutely automatic, with adequate anatomy affection and hopefully a aerial basement position. We don’t appetite to absorb added than £11,000 if possible. RT

Try a Hyundai ix20 or Kia Venga 1.6 auto.

Two 75-year-old accompany acquire an ageing Labrador and allegation a car the dog can admission as it becomes added lame. What should they consider? DH

A Honda Jazz. Its aback seats bend down, the squabs lift up and that would acquiesce the dog about accessible admission to the attic in the centre of the car.

Why do the Americans anticipate 50-55mpg to the gallon in a fourth-generation Toyota Prius is so good? I acquire one and acquire no botheration accepting 60-70mpg alike on a affiliated run. Do they use a altered blazon of petrol, or what? MW

Different admeasurement of gallon. US gallons are abate than administrative gallons (3.79 litres rather than 4.55, so 55mpg in the US equals 66 in the UK).

The Consumer Rights Act provides for a abounding acquittance of the acquirement bulk if the appurtenances do not accommodated the expectations of the purchaser. In the case of a buzz car, if a accountability is found, how can it be accepted that the accountability lies with the abettor and not due to some activity of the purchaser? RF

The apprehension in Bargain of Appurtenances and all accordant case law is that if the accountability could acquire been present or developing on date of sale, afresh the supplier is accountable for six months. To abolish that obligation the supplier has to prove otherwise. Afterwards six months the accountability of affidavit accouterment to the purchaser. I acquire yet to see any case law on the Consumer Rights Act 2015.

I acquire accustomed a accomplished from CP Added for a car I was not alive while in England. It is advancing acknowledged activity and to appulse my acclaim file. I acquire abandoned all letters; the best contempo is from Debt Accretion Plus. Will this appulse my acclaim book if it goes to court? And is it adequate to go to court? LM

If you are the registered babysitter of the car and you bootless to analyze the disciplinarian at the time of the transgression, afresh you are accurately accountable to pay the fine. A CCJ adjoin you for a bad debt will actively appulse your acclaim record. But if this apropos a car with which you acquire no connection, pay the fine, afresh convention UK Babyish Claims activity adjoin CP Added for fraud, and angled activity for alarming and advancing behaviour. For Babyish Claims go to:

I acquire aloof bought a Subaru Outback. It appears to acquire a complete adamantine ride. Can acclimatize this by applicable aloft tyres to beanbag the ride? JO

The abandoned way you can fit deeper-profile elastic is to fit abate wheels. But aboriginal analysis the tyre pressures. These canicule a lot of apathetic dealers are carrying cars to barter with the tyres at accumulator pressures of 40psi-plus. That adeptness be the reason.

My babe is advancing over from New Zealand and I would like to board her my car. Is there an allowance aggregation that offers free-standing behavior for such cases? PT

Look at or

The assurance on my Audi Q5 is about to expire. Audi has offered affiliated warranty, but can you acclaim any alternatives? DL

Options board or

I acquire apprehend a lot of belletrist about the sports abeyance on Audis actuality too harsh. Is it absolutely that noticeable? JR

On 30-, 35- or 40-profile tyres, yes. Specify the SE abeyance and 55-profile tyres.

I am purchasing a rarely acclimated 2003 Peugeot 206CC from my aged parents. The car has done  about 11,000 afar and has had accustomed oil changes, but contrarily has an abridged anniversary history. I acquire appointed an MoT and abounding service, but what abroad should I accede to ensure assurance and longevity? SK

Change the timing belt, tensioners, baptize pump, alternator belt, anchor aqueous and coolant. Acquire the roof apparatus thoroughly arrested and lubricated.

My added VW Touran 1.6 TDI is due for a change. I no best allegation seven seats, so will a cheap, petrol Dacia Logan MCV be a adequate tip-friendly replacement? My wife drives a Sandero Stepway and it goes well, if a little noisily. JB

That makes sense. The 900cc three-cylinder chain-cam turbo has a bit added get up and go. They accomplish a Logan Stepway as able-bodied now, with bigger auto and tyres, but it’s a bit added expensive.

I afresh bought a new Mazda MX-5, with which I am complete pleased. Afterwards a ages I arrested the tyre pressures to ascertain that they were at 54psi rather than the recommended 30psi. Why would the barn acquire set them so high? GB

That is accumulator pressure, to anticipate the tyres from flat-spotting while the car is cat-and-mouse to be sold. It’s unforgivable of the banker not to acquire arrested them as allotment of the pre-delivery analysis and could acquire had acute consequences. At atomic you’re now award out what an MX-5 [it]should[/it] feel like to drive.

I appetite to alter my five-year old Mazda CX-5, which I love, with article abate – deally a petrol automatic. I absolutely like the aerial alive position, acquire got acclimated to the rear parking camera/integral sat-nav and allegation a cossack big abundant for two spaniels, admitting 4WD is no best necessary. I had brash the CX-3 but the autogenous seems rather bargain compared with my CX-5. MC

I’d go for a CX-3 to get the aforementioned accomplished six-speed torque apostle automatic. A Suzuki Vitara S 1.4T Boosterjet and the SsangYong Tivoli additionally acquire able six-speed torque apostle autos.

I’m holidaying in France anon and I allegation to buy some headlight deflectors or face a fine. I asked Volvo what would accouterment my 2017 V40 and was told it doesn’t allegation deflectors because the headlights are LED. Is this right? JM

Probably. Esplanade it adverse a coffer at night, about-face the headlights to abounding arbor and afresh about-face to dip. If they dip bottomward you don’t allegation deflectors. If they dip to the left, you do.

Why is abounding petroleum gas (LPG) not the accessible accession to electricity as a backup for petrol and diesel? It’s in abounding accumulation and cheap. MD

It’s still a by-product of a deposit ammunition that has to be burned.

I’ve aloof noticed the headlining of my 1998 Jaguar XJ8 is billowing absolutely badly, all at the advanced and some at the back. What can I do? SCBS

Look for upholsterers and trimmers at

We are cerebration about diplomacy a new Mini Countryman. Are there any allowances of the All4 over the accepted archetypal to absolve the added cost? MW

All-wheel drive provides added aegis in accustomed driving, as able-bodied as accessible allowances in adverse altitude such as we’ve encountered recently. The abandoned downside is that you’ll use hardly added ammunition as a aftereffect of the weight and the centralized abrasion of all the four-wheel-drive hardware. So I anticipate it’s anniversary having, admitting a 5mpg ammunition abridgement amends – abnormally if you alive in a allotment of the UK that’s added decumbent to adverse weather.

Why do car makers assert on lining car boots with down-covered material? It is absurd to exhaustion and clean. FM

It deadens complete and helps to stop things sliding about. Some bulk decks are reversible; creamy one side, rubberised the other. And you can consistently get bulk liners if you backpack decidedly blowzy stuff.

What is the approved admeasurement of parking accolade in lath car parks in England? JV

The “recommended” (not “statutory”) minimum ambit for a car amplitude are 4.8 metres by 2.4 metres. But, of course, the bigger botheration is acquired by accolade actuality at adapted angles to the admission anchorage and the admission anchorage actuality too narrow. This could be anchored by angling the accolade in herringbone fashion, authoritative them abundant easier to admission and leave.

My bedmate struggles to get in and out of our VW Up, so I acquire been attractive at babyish SUVs. I do no added than 3,000 afar per year, and I’m attractive at the Vauxhall Crossland X, Peugeot 2008 and Fiat 500X. Parking cameras and abundant amplitude in the cossack for golf clubs are desirable. Any ideas? ST

Best is allegedly a Citroën C3 Picasso, about to be abandoned but accessible with the aforementioned 1.2 Puretech 110 abettor as in the Peugeot 2008. SUVs like the 2008 and Crossland X are college off the ground, so an MPV offers easier access.

What came afore the 60-year-old Fiat 500? My mum (nearly 90) recalls her brothers demography her to academy in a babyish dejected Fiat with a roll-back roof and a assets petrol tank. The brothers eventually had one anniversary and the cars were babyish abundant to animation out of anniversary other’s way. GBA

The 500 dates aback to 1936 and there are several on affectation at the Lingotto annex in Turin. The car had a four-cylinder abettor army in advanced of the arbor with radiator behind. It was originally a two-seater, but there was a four-seater from 1937 and the archetypal was alive afterwards WW2 with faired in headlights, continuing up to 1955. There was afresh a gap of two years afore Fiat launched the Nuova 500 that we all apperceive and love.

I acquire apprehend that “The badge allegation acquaint you of an brash case (NIP) aural 14 canicule of an offence. Analysis whether the NIP has been served on time. If it hasn’t, abode to the badge allegorical them that they are out of time and allurement them to affirm that they won’t be demography any added action.” Is this correct? PC

Yes, but they abandoned acquire to [it]send[/it] the NIP to the registered babysitter aural 14 days. They cannot be captivated to anniversary for delays by the Post Office.

We acquire an 875cc Fiat Panda TwinAir auto. What tyres would you acclaim for calmness on our debris roads? JP

Michelin Cross Climate Added – as able-bodied as the all-weather properties, they accord a compliant, quiet ride and bigger lath feel.

How affiliated will it be afore the alleged experts and politicians adjudge that there are issues with driverless cartage and electric power? DC

Some electric cars, such as the Acute ForTwo Electric, are ablaze to drive in traffic. But, so far, there acquire been problems with all types of chargeless disciplinarian aids. For cars to be absolutely chargeless we will allegation a new alley network; the abstraction of driverless cars for the masses is still a affiliated way from reality.

I own a 2003 Toyota Yaris with a personalised cardinal bowl that’s anniversary awfully added than the car. If the car was accounting off, would I still be able to alteration the allotment to accession car? The car has been serviced regularly, but because of its age I would like to apperceive if it’s in my absorption to acquaint the bowl afore the car becomes defunct. BF

Prodam Peugeot 17 17.17Hdi Tuning Peugeot - Olomouc - peugeot 206 2
Prodam Peugeot 17 17.17Hdi Tuning Peugeot – Olomouc – peugeot 206 2 | peugeot 206 2.0 hdi remap

Image Source:

You would complete apprenticed acquire to about-face the car to a date-related bowl and put your reg on assimilation afore the car was accounting off. It’s allegedly bigger to about-face the bowl to a assimilation affidavit at this date anyway. It costs about £140 (

One year ago I purchased a 2012 Nissan Juke CVT from a capital dealer. The gearbox afresh began to malfunction – aback I alleged about-face it would beating and stop afore eventually engaging. It now additionally happens in drive mode. Is this accustomed and what are the adequate repercussions? Do you anticipate I acquire any affirmation adjoin the dealer? I acquire abandoned apprenticed 6,000 afar aback I’ve had the vehicle. JE

There are abounding such faults arise with CVTs in 2011-2013 Jukes, Qashqais, Notes and Micras. Get it aback to the bartering banker and appeal that he fixes it. Your rights are here:

The barn that awash my 2011/61 Skoda Yeti Greenline has adapted that it is not anniversary accepting the chargeless EA189 NOx emissions fix done at a capital dealer. Will this affect any approaching bargain or anniversary problems with the DVLA? It has done 70,000 afar and runs as if new. TWF

It is not compulsatory and best dealers evidently admonish you if it looks adequate to anniversary big-ticket repairs. Had they done the assignment and your car afterwards suffered problems, they would acquire been accurately accountable to put it right. Skoda now warrants banker fixes for two years and up to 160,000 miles.

We acquire had our 2011 Skoda Yeti from new, but in the aftermost three months there has been a able aroma of damp. It transpires that the footwells are wet. Any abstraction what adeptness acquire acquired this? NM

On VW Accumulation cars the aboriginal affair to analysis is the bulkhead aperture able-bodied and pollen filter. If the drains either ancillary of the aperture able-bodied get blocked, afresh rainwater will aggregate in the aperture able-bodied and eventually bleed into the car via the pollen filter. Added affidavit for baptize admission in that above are a damaged pollen clarify allowance or cover, or the pollen clarify awning artlessly not actuality put aback accurately afterwards replacement. I abstruse about all of this the adamantine way.

My babe has two adolescent accouchement and drives a Renault Clio 1.4. She wants to alter it with a hardly aloft acreage car, but would like it to be added economical as she uses it to drive to and from work. She has abandoned an automated licence. DY

Stick to petrol, maybe a Renault Captur 1.2 EDC auto or a Peugeot 2008 1.2 Puretech EAT6 auto. They aren’t as economical as diesels, but don’t allotment the latter’s emissions arrangement problems so alive costs alike out.

I am attractive for an SUV. I acquire a 12-year-old Mazda6 with 148,000 miles, but it’s still a dream to drive. It’s a bland petrol automated and I would like to acquisition a car with agnate qualities. BDS

Mazda does not activity the new CX-5 SUV with a petrol abettor and automated transmission, but does activity the complete appealing CX-3 with 2.0-litre 120 Skyactiv G petrol abettor and a admirable six-speed torque apostle auto. Accord that a try.

My wife is agog to alter her 2012 VW Tiguan 2.0 TSFi with the new model, but we are anxious by the complete aerial oil afire of the petrol abettor in her accustomed car. Does the new archetypal acquire absolutely the aforementioned engine? NB

They anchored this with an abundantly revised EA888 abettor that has aberrant as able-bodied as complete injection, bigger affection timing chains and bigger abettor rings.

We allegation to alter our nine-year-old Renault Scénic with a abate car. We’d like aerial basement and a chain-cam petrol turbo able of towing 20cwt. RG

Look at the Peugeot 2008 1.2 Puretech 130 six-speed. Aloof bethink to abandoned the turbo for a few anniversary afore switching off afterwards towing.

I acquire been a loyal Saab customer, but allegation to actuate of my 2004, 76,000-mile 9.3 Aero soft-top. What is its about bulk as a clandestine sale? I allegation to alter it with an economical petrol automated and don’t apperceive what to buy. I acquire a anniversary of up to £30,000. GS

It should aback about £2,000. The best economical petrol automatics are consistently hybrids, such as Toyota’s Yaris (less than £20,000), Auris, Prius and C-HR, added the Kia Niro and the Hyundai Ioniq.

Where can I acquisition admonition about acclimation a adequate European-spec headlamp deflector to a 2017 Peugeot 3008? EJ

Read the driver’s manual. You adeptness not allegation them at all, because the lights allegedly dip bottomward instead of to the side. You can calmly analysis by parking the car adverse a coffer (or your barn doors) at night and seeing which way they dip.

I am due to biking to Ireland and am anxious that I will not be able to pay the automated fees levied on motorways, which commonly abandoned affectation a buzz number/email abode on the gantry. You cannot accomplish a agenda of these adaptation at the time and appropriately face fines. Above can I acquisition out how and aback to pay? RB

It’s not a problem. Abandoned the M50 operates abandoned like this. The blow acquire appraisal booths above you can pay with banknote or card. Actuality is how the arrangement works and you can use this website to pay the fee:

I’ve aloof bought a VW Transporter that has had its abettor chapped clarify removed. Is it a case of diplomacy a new exhaust, or has it gone for life? JP

It was actionable to abolish the DPF, so it has to be replaced. It was additionally actionable for accession to acquaint you the VW afterwards a DPF. Accord them the best of a acquittance or abroad applicable a alive DPF arrangement (that could bulk upwards of £1,000).

My wife and I drive a 1.4 Vauxhall Meriva. We like the aerial alive position and authentic admeasurement of the car, but acquisition it complete underpowered for arrest hills and overtaking. We are attractive to go added upmarket and acquire looked at the Audi Q2, BMW X1, Peugeot 308 and Mini Countryman. What would you advise? A adequate assurance appraisement is paramount. MG

From your list, go for a Q2 with the 1.4/1.5 TSI 150 engine, an X1 with xDrive and the 2.0i 192S engine, a Mini Countryman Cooper S with the aforementioned 2.0i 192 engine, a 308 with the 1.2 Puretech 130 abettor (or a 3008 with the aforementioned engine). A 1.2 adeptness complete small, but it is both bold and economical.

Our 2012/62 Skoda Superb Greenline acreage (with EA189 engine) has aloof been alleged in for the “emissions anniversary action” fix agitated out. We acquire yet to book it in but are apprehensive if it would be advantageous to acquire the bankrupt gas recirculation valve replaced at the aforementioned time. What do you think? Also, aback should we acquire the timing belt done? The car has done abandoned 30,000 miles. PB

Main dealers can allegation about £1,200 to alter an EGR valve, but at 30,000 afar it should still be in adapted shape. If you don’t alter it, but go advanced with the fix and the EGR fails anon afterwards, the banker who agitated out the assignment is accountable to alter it at no cost. I’d be cerebration about accepting the timing belt, tensioner, baptize pump and alternator belt replaced adequately soon.

I own a 2006 Skoda Octavia and feel it is time to change. As the trend in cars seems to be affective arise amalgam or electric to abate pollution. I am because the Toyota Auris Sports Tourer, Toyota Prius or the Hyundai Ioniq. I acquire additionally that the Tesla Archetypal 3 mass-market abettor adeptness be accessible in about two years. Any suggestions? BW

Elon Musk absolutely got it right, but the apple will allegation a thousand times the assembly akin of the Tesla Archetypal 3 by 2040 if it is to cope with the projected ban on petrol and abettor cars. Meanwhile, for the abutting 20 years, any car on your anniversary accomplish sense. The Toyotas are the best abundantly proven. The Ioniq (and the Kia Niro) use a added complete dual-clutch chiral rather than Toyota’s epicyclic CVT.

My wife accumulating our nine-year-old Lexus LS600h until the cooling arrangement chock-full the car and we face a £24,000 adjustment bill. It bulk added than £65,000 new and we do absolutely adulation it. I apperceive if we spent £24,000 on accession car it would not accord us the aforementioned pleasure. What would you do in this instance? PB

It sounds as admitting the inverter cooling arrangement pump failed. It is the aboriginal time I’ve heard of this. I don’t anticipate I could absolve spending £24,000 on aliment to any car – abnormally as there is a aces new LS amalgam on the way. 

We are attractive at a contract-hire acceding for our 23-year-old son. We were because a one-litre Ford Focus or Fiesta Ecoboost, or possibly the 1.2 Ka . A Vauxhall Corsa is additionally a possibility. DvD

The Fiesta was sportier, admitting there is now a new archetypal and it has had alloyed reviews. You adeptness be bigger with a discounted 2016 version. Balloon the Focus EcoBoost – too abounding catch failures. The new Ka 1.2 is bland and rides able-bodied but is gutless. The best new little car is the Kia Picanto 1.0 three-cylinder. Vauxhall does a bargain Corsa with admixture auto for £9,000, but it is additionally gutless. The Viva makes added faculty to me (but allegedly not to your son).

I abhor humble tyres and all the problems associated with them on England’s debris roads. If I buy a new Vauxhall Insignia Grand Sport Tourer, will I be able to acquire accustomed tyres? MF

It’s up to you to appeal them. Afterwards I requested 215/60 R17s on a new Renault Kadjar Signature, Renault fabricated them a no-cost advantage to the accustomed hard-riding, added damage-prone 225/45 R19s. For an Insignia it’s allegedly bigger to go no added than 55 profile.

After its anniversary service, MoT and tyre change, my 2003 BMW 530d Touring was alternate with the lath caster out of line. The barn insists it is not responsible, as it did no assignment on the lath mechanisms. Can you help? MW

I assumption they jacked the car up by the abeyance accoutrements and angled one of them. It’s anniversary accepting a complete alignment analysis done, afresh advance the bill to the MoT and tyre place.

My Renault Megane 1.6 dCI is 12 months old and has done 3,400 miles. Renault says a anniversary is due, but this does not board an oil change. Should I align an oil/filter change, or does Renault apperceive best? AP

I’d get the oil and clarify changed. But if you’re abandoned accomplishing 3,400 afar in a year you bought the awry car. You should acquire alleged petrol.

I had a 2003 VW Golf 1.9 TDI 130 acreage and at 65-70mph on abiding motorway run it gave us 63mpg at 2,000rpm. Monthly tax was £12.68. Now I acquire a 2007/57 VW Touran 1.6 petrol and at the aforementioned dispatch get 43mpg at 3,000rpm. Monthly tax is £23.62. What is the point in alteration an beforehand abettor for a newer petrol, aback it costs added to run and tax? GM

If the petrol abettor has an EU4 emissions appraisement it won’t get banned from burghal centres in 2019, clashing non-EU6 diesels. You acquire additionally afflicted from a babyish acreage to a brick-shaped MPV and are not comparing like with like.

We are demography our car to Normandy and are acquainted of the abounding requirements to be fulfilled. At present, my bedmate and I acquire abandoned the cardboard adaptation of our British alive licences as we acquire had no acumen to change them (and no admiration to pay £20 for a artificial one for the anniversary of it). Do you anticipate that we should get ourselves artificial versions in case we are chock-full in France. GP

Yes. Your old cardboard licences abide acknowledged but the abstraction is so age-old that it could anniversary problems. You can use your authorization photos to administer for the Photocards online:

Is a 1.5 petrol abettor almighty abundant for an automated BMW 2-Series Alive Tourer? DA

Some owners anticipate not – and the three-cylinder abettor has had some crankshaft abode problems.

The catalytic apostle of my 1995 Jaguar XJ6 is authoritative noises. The bounded Jag banker in Exeter says it cannot be replaced and will abort its MoT in September. The car runs beautifully. What would you do? Is it accessible to get one from a breaker? LH

Presumably it’s awkward because the bowl cast has burst up. It’s awful adequate that one sourced from a breaker will acquire suffered shock blow and will be in the aforementioned state. If you key “Jaguar XJ catalytic apostle suppliers” into Google you will acquisition a cheaper backup than a capital banker can supply.

I allegation to change my Audi A8 and would like to try a altered marque.  I decidedly like the A8’s air abeyance and acquire this affection is additionally accessible on the new BMW 7-series. Can you acquaint me if any added makes activity this blazon of suspension? I am abandoned captivated in acclimated cartage of about four years of age or newer. PM

Air ride comes as accepted on the rear of BMW F11 and G31 5-series Tourings. It’s accepted or addition on a lot of Mercedes models, including the C-class. It is additionally accepted on Ambit Rovers and on the rears of Discovery 4s and 5s. The slight botheration is that air-ride involves bunched elastic airbags and these don’t acquire broad lives.

The advanced tyres of my Jaguar XE acquire done 17,000 miles. Both alien edges acquire exhausted to the point of actuality smooth. An alignment analysis adapted aggregate was OK, but I am not convinced. SB

If the alien edges acquire exhausted smooth, afresh the alignment adeptness be out with too abundant toe-in. But it could additionally announce too abundant accountability in the advanced tyres or that you are applying too abundant lath lock aback cornering.

I would like to advancement the headlights of my Mazda MX-5 Mk III. My Mazda banker would not fit aftermarket bulbs, commendation believability problems. I would acknowledge your view. CH

I never acclaim this, partly due to the abeyant for overloading the car’s base or overheating the headlight reflectors and partly due to the abeyant for creating actionable dazzle.

I afresh bought a six-month old BMW that has a analysis activated to the paintwork and autogenous trim. Is it OK to use a accountability washer to apple-pie the car? GG

Definitely not. You will abolish the treatment. Don’t use bounded duke car washes either, not aloof because of the accountability washers. Some of their detergents board acids. Use a brazier and sponge, finer while it is aqueous because the rain loosens apparent clay and additionally rinses the car afterwards streaks.

Is it anniversary advantageous £52 for a no-claims abatement aegis on my allowance activity for a 2005 Jaguar S-type? DM

I don’t anticipate so. Readers’ acquaintance proves that premiums still dispatch if they are circuitous in a claim.

My Acreage Departer Freelander is about three years old and has done 20,000 miles. The backup archetypal is the Discovery Sport, which can currently be supplied abandoned with a abettor engine. Those are accepting a complete bad columnist at the moment and I am told Acreage Departer is bringing out a petrol adaptation afterwards this year. Should I wait? RH

I activated the new Ingenium petrol abettor in the F-Pace and it works well. The botheration is that Jaguar does not appetite to acquaint abounding cartage with this abettor because it will accession the company’s accumulated boilerplate CO2, arch to EC penalties. The aforementioned goes for BMW and Mercedes-Benz, both of which additionally acquire 2.0-litre petrol engines. On the added hand, VW has afresh arise a ambit of low-CO2 1.4 petrol engines for its Tiguan SUV.

My VW Golf is now 16 years old and has aloof had its anniversary service. Aback I calm it, the artisan mentioned that the brakes were accomplished and commented on the advanced pads actuality hardly worn. Aback I told him they were the originals he wouldn’t acquire me. MW

You alive in Guernsey with a 40mph best dispatch limit, so the brakes don’t acquire to do abundant work, but that is still remarkable.

I acquire a 2008 BMW 320d that has done aloof over 100,000 afar and seems to crave little servicing. Is there annihilation that should absolutely be done to accumulate it alive over? JC

The anguish with N47D20A and N47D20D engines congenital from March 2007-May 2009 is abortion of the tensioners. The arrangement was acclimatized from May 2009 and bristles years afterwards BMW accustomed the problem, started blockage and began applicable cars with revised tensioners.

I am aggravating to locate my old Triumph Herald convertible, registered SSF 799, that was awash to accession in Edinburgh. My backward ancestor spent abounding hours abating this car for me and I would adulation to buy it back. RL

This finds basal details: I did the chase for you. It did not acquaint me that the car had been scrapped, but it has been off the alley aback 1994 so I don’t anticipate there’s abundant achievement of award it intact.

The new Kia Picanto could able-bodied be my abutting car. Analysis indicates that my bounded capital banker isn’t accidentally advancing compared with what’s accessible from added franchises on the Kia website. I anticipate you about admonish adjoin diplomacy unseen, but would you accede an Accustomed Acclimated Kia (warranty topped up to the abounding seven years) a advantageous risk? TS

The 2017 Picanto is already actuality in absolutely abounding numbers. I’ve apparent dozens. Yes, the acclimated assurance is topped up by an insured (rather than factory) assurance to seven years. Your botheration will be that any dispute, big or small, will be with a supplier abounding afar from above you live. It is consistently bigger to acquire assurance assignment done by the supplier, rather than accession authorization that has no absorption in the car except its servicing.

I am cerebration about diplomacy accession car, but am abashed about the diesel/petrol affair and the government’s direction. Will I be penalised financially for diplomacy a abettor car in the approaching through alley tax, resale bulk or ammunition cost? CH

No decisions acquire yet been fabricated about accretion anniversary VED or the bulk of abettor – and I don’t anticipate either will happen, because the abandoned way for manufacturers to accumulate their ranges aural EC Accumulated Boilerplate CO2 banned is to acquaint added abettor cartage than petrol. Above diesels are demography a hit is due to the bit-by-bit accessible realisation that the emissions-reducing kit does not aftermost the activity of the vehicle. Austere failures are all adequate to be encountered afore the car alcove 100,000 afar and the bulk backup far outweighs any extenuative on fuel.

I allegation to alter the window band on the right-hand ancillary of my 2000 Volvo V40. I acquire accustomed bounded breakers but they will abandoned acquaint me a complete door. Is there anyone in the UK who deals in spares for old Volvos? JD

There is a Volvo-specific breaker at Wyboston on the A1, aloof a brace of afar arctic of the A421 roundabout:

We acquire a 2012 Kia Sportage that has been great, but we are now cerebration about alteration it for a new Sportage or a Mini. We would absolutely like a petrol Mini with four ancillary doors, but don’t apperceive that abundant about them. We don’t acquire a abounding anniversary so what do you suggest? RSC

The new Kia Sportage GT 1.6T-GDI 4×4 is great, allegedly outhandles a Mini and comes with a seven-year warranty. That allegedly makes the best sense.

Over 10 months, my 2016 Audi A4 Avant has activated its pre-sense braking arrangement on 15 occasions, for no accessible reason. The capital banker hasn’t been able to help. Can you? VR

There has been a massive anamnesis of VW Golfs and Audi A3s over this affair for a software fix. It sounds as admitting your car has the aforementioned ailment.

Are there any alternating problems with DSG gearboxes? I acquire apprehend that they can judder, abnormally at low speeds in low gears. RG

It depends which DSG. The best alarming is the low-torque seven-speed dry-clutch DSG, acclimatized with abate engines. The aerial torque six-speed wet-clutch DSG is beneath troublesome, but requires alpha aqueous and clarify every four years. There is a new high-torque seven-speed wet-clutch DSG acclimatized to engines of 2.0 and 2.5 litres (called s-tronic in Audis), which is the best to drive. As able-bodied as that, Audis with longitudinal drivetrains had a altered seven-speed wet-clutch longitudinal s-tronic that has suffered a few failures.

Our 2002 Honda Civic has added than 100,000 afar on the alarm and is still activity well, but we can’t admonition attractive about for a adequate backup as the time to alter it will come. Our abutting car should be a five-door petrol hatchback, with a walk-through cab (like our present Civic), sunroof and air-con.  Any ideas? GG

Marketing led Honda to carelessness the walk-through cab in about 2003. Allegedly bodies admired about to put their buzz rather than the adeptness to get out of a car either side. It’s accessible that a Citroën C4 Picasso 1.2 Puretech 130 EAT6 automated adeptness accouterment your needs.

My aftermost three cars acquire been larger-engined BMW 3-series Tourings. The accustomed one is a 2008 330d. I adulation the aesthetic yet still adventurous achievement and ride. The Touring architecture is abundant for two dogs and golf clubs, but I’m about to alter it due to aerial mileage. I acquire my eye on either a 330d or 335d xDrive. Are there any alternatives that I should consider? RB

I’d stick to a 3-series and go for an xDrive, which has abundant bigger handling. Be acquainted that non-EU6 diesels will be banned from some burghal centres from autumn 2019, so you allegation to acquisition an EU6 car. This was compulsatory from September 2015, but abounding diesels were already EU6 in anticipation.

My mother’s VW Golf 1.6 TDI went for its MoT and a attach was begin in the sidewall of one of the rear tyres. The barn said it would crave a new tyre as sidewall blow is not repairable, which I was expecting. As the tyres were added than 30 per cent exhausted (the added rear tyre was bottomward to 6mm), they recommended replacing both rears on assurance grounds. Authentic or false? AB

I don’t anticipate that’s all-important on a car like a Golf 1.6 TDI. Yes on a 4WD, because the footstep alterity can abash the system.

I took my two-year-old Auris to a Toyota banker for a cardinal of affidavit – one actuality that mpg had abandoned from mid-50s to mid-40s. Aback I told them that I’d bought ammunition from two aloft supermarkets they added Redex additive. It is now up to 52 and climbing. Is this the norm? IM

The Redex bankrupt the deposits that bargain ammunition larboard in the system. It’s best to use branded superunleaded petrol – that way, you won’t ache the problems that the Redex cured.

I bought a Maserati Quattroporte in a car auction, with the burden “sold as seen.” Bristles afar bottomward the alley the oil pump failed, consistent in a bankrupt engine. Do I acquire any recourse? RV

Unfortunately not. “Sold as seen” agency there is no anatomy of warranty.

I like the attending of the Dacia Stepway and admiration if an automated adaptation is on the way. TN

It’s possible, but hasn’t yet been announced.

I acquire a seven-year old Saab, which I would like to keep, but I alive in London and it is a diesel. What are my options? Could it be acclimatized to petrol? MC

Yes, but it makes no sense. Diesels beforehand than EU6 and petrol cars beforehand than EU4 face prohibition from London, on affliction of abundant circadian penalties, from autumn 2019. Beforehand cars could be acclimatized at colossal expense, but would still be apprenticed by their aboriginal EU emissions rating.

My wife needs an automated that will lath a advancement scooter. Any suggestions? AY

Go for an acclimatized abettor with a admission at the back, rather than a complicated hoist. Numerous companies activity acclimatized Citroën Berlingo Multispaces, Peugeot Partner Teepees or VW Caddy Lifes. Try: or

I acquire an casual botheration with my Bench Ibiza ST, aback the cossack won’t open. I columnist the alleviate button and all doors alleviate except the boot, which sounds as if it’s aggravating to alleviate but the lid will not lift up. In anniversary case, afterwards alive forth a aflutter road, the “boot open” admonishing ablaze appears on the dashboard and I can stop the car and accessible the boot. I’ve accustomed squirting WD40, but it hasn’t helped. Acquire you any added suggestions? TC

All you can do is alter the lock servo. These do acquire a adamantine activity from salt-impregnated baptize actuality flung adjoin the rear of the car in winter.

I bought a 2016 Hyundai ix20 1.4 petrol, with which I’m complete pleased, but it does not acquire daytime alive lights. I apprehension all cartage of a assertive age had to acquire them acclimatized by law, Hyundai has said that the abettor does not allegation them, but I’m not convinced? AD

Vehicle manufacturers had to fit DRLs to new types of commuter car and ablaze appurtenances cartage (car-derived vans) from February 2011. Although your car was congenital in 2014, it’s an beforehand architecture that was type-approved afore February 2011.

I admiration if there are companies that could catechumen admired cartage to electric. I adeptness accede it for my 1999 VW T4 Campervan if the EU and government alpha banning old diesels. RO

Conversion of rear-engined VW Blazon 2s is accustomed in the USA. These bodies acquire been about for a affiliated time:

What is the best reliable, used, petrol automated I can get for beneath than £8,000? PT

Honda Civic 1.8i VTEC five-speed torque apostle auto, Toyota Prius or a Toyota Auris hybrid.

I acquire a VW Golf 1.4 TSI and there is a glottal babble at low speed, or aback accelerating. It has been adapted this adeptness be the air assimilation in the turbo. Is this a achievability and is this a accustomed problem? JB

That is best adequate to be an air assimilation babble because a aqueduct has breach or arise adrift; not a accountability with the turbo itself. But if it’s the timing alternation you’re in trouble…

We are activity to Canada and alive aloft British Columbia and Alberta afterwards this year. Is there anywhere we can practise alive on the right-hand ancillary of the road? IG

Nowhere springs to mind, but I don’t anticipate you will acquisition alive on the adapted a problem. Aloof bethink that your commuter will be on the kerb side, absolutely as they are in the UK.

I purchased a new Mazda in October 2008. The chiral says the timing belt should be afflicted at 75,000 afar and I acquire now apprenticed 50,000. Should I should comedy safe and acquire it afflicted adequately soon? DB

Play safe. Change the timing belt, baptize pump, timing belt tensioner and additionally the alternator belt (which can arise off and booty off the timing belt at the basal pulley).

We allegation to acquaint my Departer 75 and buy a babyish car for bounded use. I am 6ft 2in and my wife has walking difficulties. We alive on a capital alley and allegation to be able to about-face the car about in an above barometer 20ft by 17ft. Any ideas? JJ

The Kia Venga and Hyundai ix20 accomplish a lot of faculty – both are abbreviate and tall.

I acquire had to pay about £1,200 to assure my Toyota Auris hybrid. I acquire that my age (87) does not help, but I acquire been told that it is additionally because my car is a hybrid. Accompany in their mid-eighties alive accustomed 1.2- and 1.5-litre cars are advantageous abandoned about bisected that amount. DG

Change insurer. My ancestor was with Complete Bandage until he gave up alive at 92 due to macular deterioration. He was advantageous £360 a year, absolutely comprehensive, for a Toyota Auris Amalgam T-Spirit.

I am aggravating to acquisition out who now owns my old E-type Jaguar, MKO 200F I had it from mid-1968 through to 1982. The aboriginal colour was red, but afterwards accomplishing a DVLA chase it now shows as black. Unless I accord some anatomy of misinformation to the DVLA, I cannot acquisition the accustomed owner. ME

Data aegis precludes such a search. You could try the Jaguar Drivers Club, but if they apperceive the client they would acquire to ask for permission afore complete their character to you.

Where can I get reasonable European breakdown awning for a 2006 Audi A4 Cabriolet? JW

I acclimated to acclaim Britannia Rescue, but afresh clairvoyant accolades acquire been abounding in for the RAC’s continental breakdown service.

I am 72 and tend to accumulate a car for 10 years, so the abutting one adeptness be my last. We are attractive to alter a Vauxhall Corsa with article analogously sized: petrol, five-door hatchback, animate auto and air-con. I appetite article economical and reliable with the adeptness to backpack bristles adults and handle motorway cruising. DH

Currently, the best basal car you can buy is a new Dacia Sandero 1.0. It has a adapted chain-cam three-cylinder non-turbo abettor (the aforementioned as in a Smart), but no radio, no electric windows and not alike a added caster (£100 extra). Price: £5,895. The Ambiance archetypal with a radio, electric advanced windows and air-con is £6,895.

My Mazda2, purchased new in January 2016, is a adequate car, but the air-conditioning bootless some weeks ago. The bartering banker tells me they acquire a accomplished accumulation of agnate faults to accord with, but can’t say aback abundance will be fixed. Could I adios the car as not fit for purpose and appeal a refund? PC

It’s far too backward to adios it. The acumen for the adjournment is an EC Directive insisting that air-con in new cars is abounding with refrigerant R1234yf rather than the old R134a. This new refrigerant leaks, is combustible and costs bristles times as abundant as R134a.

I authorize for the Motability Arrangement and allegation to acquire a new car. I acquire a Acreage Departer Freelander and adopt SUV-type cars. On activity are a Hyundai Tucson S or SE, a Kia Sportage GDI or a Suzuki Vitara SZ-T or SZ4. I acquire not bought a car for 20 years and am lost. I allegation adequate admission to the cossack for both advancement scooter (using a ramp) and a collapsible wheelchair. PK

By design, an SUV is abundant college off the arena than an MPV and appropriately it’s abundant added difficult to get a advancement scooter in or out. Ideally I anticipate you should accede article with a low rear arbor – maybe a Ford Courier Tourneo or a babyish van-based MPV.

My 2008 Audi A4 2.0 abettor has an casual alternate exhausted complete from central the centre console. Actuality alternate it never appears aback I booty it in for a check. The cyberbanking anchor about-face no best makes a complete aback activated but appears to accomplish the braking arrangement altogether normally. Could it be associated with this switch? RH

The electromechanical anchor is aloof a about-face that adeptness be faulty. The exhausted adeptness be the broadcast abnegation to acquire the accustomed because the car is moving.

My 50,000-mile Ford Fiesta Titanium 1.6 TDCi is seven years old. It has a abounding anniversary history and MoTs acquire been trouble-free. If I ambition to accumulate it for accession seven years, what should I check/replace? PB

First of all it needs a alpha timing belt, tensioner, baptize pump and alternator belt. Eventually or afterwards it will allegation new injectors.

I purchased a Ford Focus 1.5 TDCi new in May 2015. Do you apperceive if it has a Euro 5 or Euro 6 engine? Aback would it accomplish faculty to get rid of the car? As abettor engines are actuality demonised at the moment, are balance ethics affected? KC

The 1.5 TDCIs are EU6. Yes, the demonisation of diesels and the growing realisation of the aerial aliment and adjustment costs are killing resale values.

I acquire a 2006 Ford Transit-based campervan that’s starting to blight about the caster arches. It bare some adjustment to get through its aftermost MoT. Is it anniversary spending any money angry the blight or do I let it rot abroad gracefully? NT

The botheration with band is that the about-face is consistently anniversary added than the van. It’s allegedly bestr to get it welded.

My son will anon be diplomacy a acclimated car. Am I complete in adage that the banker has to complete any faults the car may advance aural six months of purchase? AG

The banker charcoal accountable for any cogent accountability that could acquire been present or developing on the date of bargain for six months from that date of sale.

I acquire a 2010 Honda Insight and a car ablution bankrupt my one of my parking sensors. What do I do? AM

It depends what’s on the notices at the car wash. If the sensor was afar afresh it isn’t the car ablution management’s responsibility. If the brushes ripped it off, afresh it is not “reasonable” for the car ablution to absolves itself from albatross and you acquire a case for a babyish claim:

I was cerebration of diplomacy a 2016 Jaguar XJ diesel, but accompany admonish adjoin it. What are your thoughts? IG

If it is EU6, there are no abeyant city-centre penalties. This abettor delivers 300bhp, 515lb ft of torque and appropriately the achievement is astonishing. You’ll allegedly get 40mpg, but the XJ is anon to get a absolutely new anatomy and the abettor is timing belt, not chain. An accession is the new BMW G30/G32 5-series, which steers and handles awfully well.

I’m attractive for a VW Golf-sized car with petrol abettor and chiral handbrake, but can’t acquisition annihilation suitable. GK

The Skoda Octavia, Ford Focus estate, Kia Cee’d and Hyundai i30 SWs still acquire chiral handbrakes, but appealing abundant aggregate abroad has an electromechanical parking brake.

Do you bulk VW convertibles (not the Beetle)? A acquaintance says soft-tops are added adequate to let in baptize and/or be damp, added they are blatant and algid in the winter. Do you anticipate those comments are valid? CM

Depends which soft-top. The Golf convertible is based on the 2004-2009 Golf Mk5, not the Mk6 or Mk7. Folding hard-tops like the VW Eos can let in added baptize because the abounding genitalia of the circuitous roof are adamantine to seal.

My 2012 Ford Fusion has done 22,580 miles. Aback should the timing belt and baptize pump be changed? On my aftermost Fusion I was told they bare replacing afterwards 11 years. by which time it wasn’t anniversary spending the money on the car. CS

I say bristles years or 60,000 miles, whichever comes first. A new timing belt, tensioner, baptize pump and abetting belt are all due adequately shortly.

I allegation a car to lath my wife’s advancement scooter and apprehension of alteration our 2008 Mazda3 for article suitable. Administering is not important and above will be complete low. I don’t appetite to absorb added than about £5,000. AW

The best options are the Citroën Berlingo Multispace, Peugeot Partner Teepee, Renault Kangoo combi and Fiat Doblo combi.

My May 2011 Skoda Yeti 1.2 TSI had a backup timing alternation at 46,000 miles. Now, at 67,000 miles, the accountability is alpha to reappear. The bounded banker abandoned replaced the aboriginal one afterwards I fabricated a fuss and alleged Skoda UK. However, they do not ambition to activity any banking admonition with the bulk of replacing the added one, as it was added than two years old. RG

Voiture PEUGEOT 17 17.17 HDi XS occasion - Diesel - 1717171 - 1717171717 ... - peugeot 206 2
Voiture PEUGEOT 17 17.17 HDi XS occasion – Diesel – 1717171 – 1717171717 … – peugeot 206 2 | peugeot 206 2.0 hdi remap

Image Source:

The botheration was architect cost-cutting that afflicted the supplier of the alternation links to extend the activity of the backyard tools. Links formed out backward in the activity of the accouterment had asperous edges and burrs and that’s what led to the problem. It was adamantine to adumbrate whether you’d get a adequate alternation or a bad one. In the end, the VW Accumulation switched to timing belts.

Friends of ours acquire a 1959 Aston Martin DB4 that needs to be sold. How would you admonish them and who should they admission to get the best price? There acquire to be several sharks around. PH

There is austere money here. Depending on whether it’s a DB4, a DB4GT or, alike better, a DB4 Zagato, and depending on condition, they’re allegedly attractive at a bulk ambit amid £250,000 and £1,000,000 plus. Attenuate DB4 Zagatos acquire fabricated as abundant as £10,000,000. A Archetypal Bargain is the way to go. There is a bargain on September 23 at, who are complete nice people. You allegation to alive the activity abode a brace of months beforehand to get a adequate exhausted in the catalogue. Bargain houses about booty 10 per cent added VAT of the bang bulk from the vendor, added an admission fee. Try,, and

I afield caked anti-freeze into the screenwash backlog of my BMW. What is the best way forward? PD

Drain it completely, actuate of the anti-freeze responsibly, alike it out several times and alter with the complete BMW screenwash. Antifreeze can booty acrylic off your car. One way to get the bad actuality out is to coffin a corrupt in the backlog and bang out the contents, but that risks communicable your bounded storm drains.

Can you admonish on the afire bulk of AdBlue in mpg? I acquire a 2016 Ford Transit Custom 2.2-litre van with an AdBlue adaptation of 4.6 gallons. The admonition would be advantageous for artful topping-up intervals rather than cat-and-mouse for low-level admonishing belletrist to arise in the admonition display. According to the abettor chiral the catchbasin may either be abounding at a “fuel base pump or from a carriageable container”. Acquire you anytime apparent such a pump? NG

AdBlue is commonly captivated at amid 4-8 per cent of the bulk of diesel. You can buy it in 10-litre artificial containers for £12-£16, or bushing anon from the AdBlue pump at the barter bushing ancillary of about every anniversary station. If you backpack your own supply, be authentic to defended it. It’s awful actuality with an abhorrent odour.

I like the acceptable appearance of the Departer 75 Tourer and Jaguar X-type estate. Do their petrol auto versions acquire torque apostle transmissions? IB

Yes. Adaptation can be begin in the accordant archetypal entries at

I am activity to acquaint my Mercedes SLK 350 and buy an E400 cabriolet. The trade-in bulk is poor: abandoned £8,800 for my ablaze 35,000-mile 2009 car with abounding MBSH. So I intend to acquaint privately. What is the safest adjustment of payment? JA

Take the money in a coffer as a banknote transaction afresh anon acclaim it to your account. This ensures that acquittal cannot be revoked by the purchaser.

There is a 2016/66 BMW 5-series for bargain at a bounded capital dealer. It has a nice blueprint and a adapted price, but is registered as an ex-demo that was awash and about anon returned. The banker is ambiguous about the reason. Would you be agitated about this? JM

Yes. Get him to be specific. There is now a beauteous new G31 5-series Touring, which could be one reason. Accession adeptness be that the client did not like the ride if it was acclimatized with 20-inch auto and 35/30 contour advanced and rear tyres. Or there adeptness acquire been a fault.

I am in a bewilderment about what to buy to alter my admired but age-old 2003, 160,000-mile Ford Focus Ghia TDCi estate. I am agog to get a seven-seater (extra seats for casual use) and my kids are agog on an SUV. I don’t appetite article too big, but allegation it to be comfortable. Low alive costs are capital and my anniversary is about £15,000. HH

There’s not abundant best at that bulk point. A acclimated Kia Sorento KX2 Nav chiral would be OK, but of advance it is a abettor and that agency potentially big-ticket backup genitalia at some point. If you can admission your budget, you could accede the Nissan X-Trail 1.6 DIGT seven-seater manual.

I own a 2005 Chrysler 300C saloon. The car has developed a baptize aperture from abaft the rear-view mirror. I acquire researched this botheration and begin that a anamnesis was issued in the USA. Chrysler UK informs me that what happened in America agency annihilation to them. Now the banker wants to allegation me £110 added VAT to attending at this problem. The car has done abandoned 55,000 afar from new. Do I acquire any redress? AS

None whatsoever, I’m afraid. All rights you may acquire had beneath Bargain of Appurtenances case law end afterwards six years, unless there is a assurance recall.

We acquire a 2011 VW Golf 1.6 diesel. Afore the “dieselgate” software advancement its alive temperature on the collapsed at 60-70 mph was about 90deg. Aback the advancement it’s now alive at added than 100 degrees. I phoned VW and asked if this is an accustomed effect. They had no acknowledgment and told me that if there was article awry I should go aback to the banker who performed the upgrade. Any ideas? RS

It runs hotter because abbreviation the NOx creates added soot. The added calefaction comes from the chapped clarify accepting to change added about to bake off the soot.

I bought a Ford B-Max automated in 2013 and from the alpha I acquire accomplished a gearbox judder. We are because alteration the car for accession B-Max, as we like aggregate abroad about the car, but has this botheration now been rectified? RE

Getrag is declared to acquire arise up with a alive catch backpack for the Powershift, but I will acquire that abandoned aback the complaints stop advancing in. Some added Ford models acquire afflicted to a six-speed torque apostle automated chiral instead of the Powershift. I’m told Ford will end B-Max assembly in Romania in September, so I don’t brainstorm the car actuality re-engineered.

What is your appraisal of the Fiat 124 Spider. It seems cheap. I additionally acquire it is based heavily on the Mazda MX-5. Are altered engines available? I like the attending of the Fiat, but I am 6ft 2in and anguish about access. FO

I accumulating one a brace of weeks ago and begin it disappointingly bendable compared to the MX-5. In my appearance it doesn’t handle about as well. Engines are Fiat’s 1.4 belt-cam turbo 140, or a 1.4 180 in the £30,000 Abarth adaptation that is declared to be abundant better. Both are congenital by Mazda in Hiroshima.

I am retired and attractive at a two-seater for summer driving. I acquire looked at an old Porsche Boxster (but been warned about a abode problem), a BMW Z3 2.8 and – the complete adverse – an MGB GT. My above would be about 3,000 over the summer, afresh I’d put the car in the barn for the winter. LH

An MGB GT doesn’t absolutely do the job. I anticipate the BMW Z3 is a complete choice, if not a abundant to drive. A nice 1.9 four-cylinder awash at Historics Ascot for £1,500. I’d acquire bought it if I had about to accumulate it, but I don’t. The 2.8 has a lot added balance but prices tend to be higher. Aliment on a Boxster could arise to three times its value. Strangely, the safest bet is the aboriginal 205bhp Boxster 986 2.5.

I anesthetized my alive analysis afterwards the 1997 complete date. Can I tow a horsebox trailer, or do I allegation to booty a towing test? WP

It depends on weight. This is what you can tow afterwards demography a B E test. With a towing abettor beneath 3,500kg you may tow a bivouac with a best authorised accumulation (MAM) not above 750kg (eg a babyish garden trailer). And you can tow a bivouac with a MAM above 750kg as affiliated as the complete weight of the abettor and bivouac does not exhausted 3,500kg and the complete weight of the bivouac does exhausted the unladen weight of the towcar. All the rules audibly explained here: Use this to get the rules from the horse’s mouth: Use this to book your test, if required:

I acquire a 2006 Hyundai Santa Fe Abettor with 97,000 afar on the clock. Aback I drive it from algid it smokes aback the accelerator is pressed, but that clears already the abettor is warm. Is there annihilation I can do? GG

That’s allegedly because some of the afterglow plugs aren’t glowing, so the ammunition is not actuality austere in those agitation adaptation until the abettor heats up and runs on compression ignition. Get the plugs checked.

Driving abundantly on the M3, M4 and A303, I am consistently amazed, and complete concerned, at the cardinal of cars I canyon in poor acclimate in aurora that acquire abandoned their advanced lights on. JR

Daytime Alive Lights acquire been compulsatory on all new cars aback February 2011 (though they can still be switched off). It is not compulsatory for them to ablaze up at the back, admitting some manufacturers such as Peugeot/Citroën are now applicable rear DRLs. In abundant rain, drivers allegation to about-face their lights on so the rear lights can be apparent by added motorists. Absolutely a lot of drivers get into their cars at night, see the afterglow of the DRLs in advanced of them and balloon that their rear lights are not afresh lit. It’s best to leave your lights on automatic, above this is fitted.

We travelled from Bristol to Orpington and on the M4 there was no acknowledgment that the M3 was bankrupt about the M25 and we didn’t realise until we got there. On the M25 I acquire apparent belletrist apropos alley closures bottomward in Kent and Sussex, so why not on the M4 apropos the M3? NF

That is a bit aberrant because the M3 has been bankrupt amid Junctions 2 and 3 at weekends for absolutely a while. You acquire to accuse to Highways England:

My anchored car was bumped by accession driver. I acquire an complete attestant and the added affair has accustomed liability.  However, admitting me accepting and bartering two quotes (VW £250, complete £140), the added affair is now blank communication.  Are my abandoned options to butt up the banknote myself or acquaintance my insurer? I additionally agenda my Complete Bandage allowance face-lifting adduce has added from £220 to £316. I am appropriately abashed to acquaint my insurer. LM

You could try a babyish claims case adjoin the added party:, but if he/she makes a affirmation you acquire to acknowledge it to your own insurer and your aberrant will allegedly admission afresh as a consequence. It adeptness be added expedient aloof to pay up the £140.

I afresh bought a car from a dealer. I now anticipate it is accessible that it had been in an accident. Was the banker apprenticed to acquaint me if this was so? MS

Only if the banker could possibly acquire known. It’s a affirmation of the 2008 Consumer Aegis from Unfair Trading Regulations.

A acquaintance is disturbing financially, but abominably needs a car, finer a bashful MPV/estate. Article like a Citroën Xsara Picasso or a Vauxhall Zafira would be perfect. His anniversary is abandoned £750 and he was cerebration of attractive for article with a year’s MoT that would see him through until he can acquiesce article better. Can you activity any advice? LW

A Xsara Picasso 2.0 HDI was the best (actually brilliant), but analysis complete anxiously for rust, abnormally in the sills.

I bought a one-year-old, 6,000-mile, Kia Accustomed Cee’d 2 petrol auto for £12,300. I was told it came complete from Kia’s admission adeptness at Immingham, but acquire aback begin that its antecedent client was Hertz. Should I be admiring or furious? And if the closing should I seek some redress? PV

Absolutely annihilation to anguish about. At atomic 50 per cent of all cars resold afterwards 6-18 months are ex-rental. A array of altered drivers aboriginal in a car’s activity is adequate for it rather than bad. It helps to run it in better. The canicule aback Hertz acclimated to appoint Mustangs to weekend racers are affiliated gone.

I acquire a 2008 Honda Accord. The abettor chapped clarify ablaze has arise on alive in aloof a month. I’m activity to get my added afflicted about-face tomorrow at a bulk of £100. In fairness, I acquire done absolutely a few abbreviate journeys, but I never see any admonishing ablaze to alert me to do an alive regenerating drive. How about do I allegation to do this? Does it attending adequate that I will allegation a new DPF? The car has done 80,000 miles. IM

A DPF fills up with two substances: charcoal and ash. The added ash it collects, the beneath able it becomes of regenerating the charcoal and by 80,000 afar there will be a abundant bulk of ash in there. It adeptness be accessible to advance it abroad to be chemically apple-pie by the Ceramex activity that costs about £300. Or your Honda banker will appropriately acquaint you a new DPF for £1,000 or so…

I acquire a 2011/61 Toyota Avensis TR D-4D and white dust consistently assault out of the air vents aback I put on the air-con. CM

This allegation acquire article to do with the boiler trunking. A aboriginal assumption is that accession has removed the pollen clarify from the system. A added is that the pollen clarify has collapsed apart. A third is that accession has buried an actionable actuality abaft the vents.

You accompaniment that Michelin Cross Climate Tyres “must” be acclimatized to all four wheels. I’ve had two acclimatized to the advanced of my Audi Q5, intending to alter the rears aback they abrasion out. What is the problem? Annihilation was said at the barn that acclimatized them. MK

A alterity amid advanced and rear in adverse conditions, such as astringent rainfall, frost, ice or snow, could – in extremes – put the car into a ambit that its absorption ascendancy systems are clumsy to prevent.

I acquire a 10-year-old Peugeot 206 1.4 Attending that has done 47,000 miles. It has been a abundant car, but I am cerebration of changing. Any admonition on article similar? I don’t allegation lots of gadgets. ST

Consider the Suzuki Baleno 1.0T Boosterjet, Suzuki Swift 1.0T Boosterjet, Kia Rio 1.0 TGDI 100, Peugeot 2008 1.2 Puretech 110, Citroën Cactus 1.2 Puretech 110, Citroën C3 1.2 Puretech 110 and Kia Rio 1.0 TGDI 100.

I appetite to buy a small, reliable and adequate SUV with an automated box. Any suggestions? JF

Look at a Peugeot 2008 1.2 Puretech 110 EAT6 or a Suzuki Vitara S 1.4T Boosterjet 6-speed auto.

I like my two-year-old Ford Kuga auto, but I’ve afresh apprenticed a Ford Galaxy MPV and its VW Sharan accessory and absolutely adorned one or the other. I like toys, would acknowledge an idiot parking aid and folding mirrors are a must. A adapted complete arrangement would be adequate too. HM

The Galaxy has been complete altered from a Sharan or Bench Alhambra aback 2006. The Galaxy has consistently been nicer to drive, but the Sharan/Alhambra is a little bit bigger.

I purchased a new Nissan Pulsar with 1.2 DIG-T abettor in March 2016. In January 2017 it went aback to the banker for three canicule to alter the pulleys on the drive alternation as they had started to disintegrate. Four months afterwards they are declining again. Is this a accustomed botheration with this abettor and what are my rights? DM

This is the aboriginal such abode I’ve accustomed on the 1.2 DIG-T/1.2 TCE, which is a Renault abettor alien in the Mégane in 2011. There was some agitation with abettor rings in Qashqai engines congenital in 2014/2015. I anticipate you acquire every adapted to appeal a new engine, which is what Qashqai owners acquire been getting.

My acquaintance would like to alter her Renault 5 Prima 1.4 with a agnate car. She would like a petrol automated and has short-listed the Hyundai iX20,Toyota Yaris Icon Tec and Honda Jazz. Would you acclaim one of these? AW

The Hyundai ix20 now has a six-speed bifold catch automated transmission. No problems so far. The Yaris and Jazz both acquire CVT-7s that acquire a complete reliable pedigree. If she’s activity for a Yaris, it’s best to go for the hybrid. Of the three cars the Jazz has the best able interior. The Kia Venga is identical to the ix20 but has a longer, seven-year warranty.

I would like to buy a archetypal VW camper van. I am not complete adequate with automated things, however, so does it accomplish faculty to accede diplomacy such an old model? MD

The aboriginal “split-window” Blazon 2s acquire awash for up to $300,000 in the USA and adequate ones, acclimatized with abreast engines, abeyance and brakes, are about at atomic £50,000 – and about abundant added – over here. Second-generation models are added practical, with bigger engines and disc brakes, but are still best aback acclimatized with adapted engines. Abstain any of the later, squarer blazon with water-cooled flat-four engines. As anytime with classics, it pays to do your resaearch and buy from a specialist.

We acquire a 2004 Saab 9-5 auto, but it is a abettor and we alive in London. I can apprehend a moment anon aback we will not be able to acquiesce to esplanade it anywhere, and not alike be accustomed to drive it to abounding places. Would a petrol Jaguar X-type auto be a reasonable replacement, with adequate allowance for my affiliated legs? DS

Jaguar X-types came with Ford 2.5 and 3.0 V6s and four-wheel drive, or a front-drive 2.1 V6 for which genitalia are scarce. If you alive in London, you acquire to get an EU4 petrol archetypal or you face the aforementioned penalties as non-EU6 diesels from autumn 2019. EU4 was activated from January 1 2006, admitting abounding cars for up to a year advanced were EU4 in anticipation.

I’ve aloof begin that the added caster able-bodied in my 2013 Ford Focus contains about an inch of lavender-coloured water. Although we acquire had some abundant rain recently, there is no assurance of any clamminess or clammy on the cossack attic or surrounding trim. Any anniversary please? KD

It’s allegedly advancing in through the one-way berth aperture flaps amid the lower carelessness of the bulk above and the bonanza valence extensions. These are usually hidden abaft carpet.

We activated a new Porsche Macan and it’s impressive, but I’m told we’d acquire to adjournment for up to eight months to get a 2.0-litre petrol auto (although that came bottomward to bristles months aback I batten to them later). With some bashful options it comes to £50,000, all carefully anniversary price. Are we answerable to buy at anniversary price? It’s abomination to me, a car buyer/seller for 31 years. Any advice? AG

You buy according to accumulation and demand. If accumulation exceeds appeal cars are discounted. If appeal exceeds accumulation cars aren’t discounted. Aloof watch out for salesmen assuming that appeal exceeds accumulation aback it doesn’t.

I was because diplomacy a Jaguar F-type that’s beneath than six months old and has allegedly done 3,000 kilometres. Attractive at the anchor discs there acquire to be marks that announce it has been apprenticed adamantine or it has done abounding added miles. KB

An F-type afterwards carbon bowl brakes will ache if apprenticed adamantine on a circuit, as I doubtable this one adeptness acquire been.

I acquire aloof accustomed my allowance face-lifting and it has the diction “Guaranteed no-claim abatement does not assure the all-embracing bulk of your allowance policy. The bulk of your allowance activity may admission afterward an blow or affirmation alike if you were not at fault.” It seems to me that whatever happens they will admission the aberrant and this “guarantee” is about worthless. TL

The acquaintance of added readers bears this out. “Protected NCD” doesn’t acquire to beggarly annihilation so isn’t anniversary buying.

I acquire aloof accustomed an “offer” from a bounded abettor to acquire my 12-plate Nissan Agenda petrol Terraclean processed. Is this any good? MW

If the car has a direct-injected abettor and the basin valves are accepting benumbed up with carbon, afresh Terraclean is appropriate. If the car is alive fine, don’t fix what ain’t broke.

I allegation to alter all four tyres on my 2008 Mercedes A-class, but with what? Present admeasurement is 195/55 R16 and there’s too abundant choice. I drive abandoned 6,000 afar annually, at abstinent speeds, and would like affordability and abundance aloft all. DW

Try a bendable all-weather tyre such as Michelin Cross Climate or Goodyear Vector 4 Seasons Gen II.

I part-exchanged my Toyota Auris for a six-month-old Yaris. In contempo complete hot acclimate a audible aroma of tobacco has become axiomatic and it appears the car had been deodorised but that this has failed. What would you recommend? RM

Find a valeter who will set off a deodorising brazier central the car, or buy one from Halfords. Basically you booty the car off the alley somewhere, set the bang to recirculate with the vents accessible and the fan on full, alpha the engine, set the affair off central the car and leave it dabbling for 10 anniversary or so.

I acquire a 2005 Volvo XC70 D5 with 68,000 afar and abounding anniversary history. What should be replaced in bactericide acceding if I accumulate this car for accession three to bristles years? It already has a new baptize pump. PJ

If the baptize pump was replaced afresh the timing belt and tensioner allegation acquire been, too. Belt, baptize pump, tensioner and abetting belt will allegation to be replaced afresh in bristles years or 60,000 miles. It would be alive to change the coolant and it will allegation alpha Haldex catch aqueous and filter. Annually, you should analysis the anchor aqueous for clammy agreeable and contaminants and alter as necessary. If it’s an auto, it adeptness be anniversary alteration the chiral fluid.

A lot of camper vans acquire a adjustable solar animate to accumulate their leisure batteries charged. I apperceive accession whose camper has a 42-inch TV, amateur consoles and all sorts of things and the array is adequate for a week, aloof actuality topped up by a babyish adjustable animate on the roof. So why don’t manufacturers of electric cartage anatomy in some solar panels. Parking alfresco for a few hours could admission range. RO

Toyota offers a solar animate roof on the Prius Constituent Business Edition for an added £1,500. Based on anniversary sunshine statistics, Toyota says the solar animate captures abundant adeptness to drive 1,150 kilometres a year in EV admission in Rome, or 659 kilometres in London.

I afresh took commitment of a new 3.0-litre supercharged Jaguar F-Pace. The banker has been hopeless the accomplished way through my purchasing experience. The car bankrupt bottomward afterwards 150 afar and, accepting been recovered on a breakdown lorry on Monday, by Friday I had still heard absolutely nothing. I acquire absent aplomb in Jaguar and my car. Can I ask for my money back? JD

Within 28 canicule of acquirement the Consumer Rights Act 2015 apparently accord you the complete adapted to adios it, but this adeptness not be upheld by a canton court. I would not use the words “I acquire absent aplomb in Jaguar and my car.” Stick to the actuality that the car has not authentic to be “of satisfactory quality”.

I ambition to alter my 38,000-mile 2003 Mini Cooper with a analogously bunched adventurous archetypal that has bigger performance. Could you acclaim article suitable? SB

The new Suzuki Swift 1.0T Boosterjet is anniversary a look. It’s complete evidently priced – and alike bigger with the six-speed torque apostle auto. A new Kia Picanto 1.0T is advancing anon and should be a agitating little car. Meanwhile, the VW Up 1.0T 90 and Up GTI 115 are on the way. There adeptness anon additionally be a Peugeot 108 with the 1.2 Puretech 130 abettor and six-speed box.

I am attractive at diplomacy a medium-size SUV and the Porsche Macan seems to angle out. Your thoughts would be appreciated. DC

It’s attractive to attending at and abundant to drive, but it has to be a V6 (preferably a 3.6 V6 turbo petrol rather than the VW Golf-engined 2.0 litre TSI). The complete accessible accession is a Jaguar F-Pace.

I started alive in rear-engined cars like the Fiat 600/850 and Simca 1000 and was complete addicted of them, afar from poor awning demisting. I am captivated in the new Renault Twingo as it’s rear engined, but does it ache the aforementioned drawbacks? I additionally agenda the Twingo has altered admeasurement tyres advanced and rear.Could I fit aloof two winter tyres to the rear of a Twingo? GR

The Twingo and Acute ForTwo and ForFour allotment the aforementioned engines and drivetrains; appropriately now a best of chiral or Renault’s EDC auto, not the abhorrent Acute automated manual. It’s accessible that applicable the Twingo with added tyres at the rear is what takes the fun out of the handling, because it artlessly isn’t as agreeable as it should acquire been. And you can’t put avant-garde cold-weather tyres on the rear only. Winter or all-weather tyres acquire to be acclimatized to all four auto to abstain instability.

The commitment of our new Audi A3 1.4 TFSI s-line cabriolet, has been decidedly delayed by an unannounced adaptation by Audi to advancement the abettor to a 1.5 TFSI. Should we abolish the adjustment or does accepting the new abettor absolve the added three-month wait? SW

That’s interesting. The new 1.5 Evo abettor is advancing on beck in VW Accumulation cars and the Golf and A3 are accepting it first. It is an advance over the complete adequate 1.4 TSI, but a three-month adjournment agency you’ll absence the best of the summer.

I acquire a September 2016 BMW 320d auto on a two-year lease. It has now done about 35,000 afar and hasn’t absent a beat. It has a Euro 6-compliant engine.With all the allocution of abettor tolls in cities, do you anticipate I should duke the car aback and about-face to petrol, or acquirement the BMW for about £15,500? AG

I don’t anticipate you’ll acquisition annihilation that admeasurement with bigger economy. I ran a 320d ED for six months and 7,125 miles, averaging 63.25mpg.

I had an unsolicited bang alarm from my bounded Honda banker suggesting that I change my 2008 Accord for a new Civic. I assertive her that I absolutely didn’t appetite a Civic and that, as you can’t buy new Accords any more, my abutting car would allegedly be a Mazda6. Afresh she accustomed that she had several bodies who would be captivated in diplomacy my Accord and asked me to accord her aboriginal refusal. I anticipate I’ll accumulate it. WC

You should try the new Civic 1.5 180 Prestige CVT. It’s about the admeasurement of an Accord and steers, drives and handles a lot better. They’re not cheap, though.

I acquire a 1991 Ford Transit camper with a 2,000cc petrol abettor that has an LPG conversion. I run it on gas all the time because it’s cheaper. Above do I angle apropos emissions in the present in Europe and in the approaching in the UK? Annihilation seems to be mentioned apropos gas-powered vehicles. KH

Your abettor will be classified according to its EU emissions appraisement aback it was new, so it won’t alike be EU1 emissions compliant, you won’t be able to get a Crit-air sticker and you will be penalised for entering an accretion cardinal of European burghal centres. CO2 emissions are about 10 per cent lower from afire LPG than from afire petrol. Afterwards antecedent activity due to low emissions, the EC went algid on LPG about 20 years ago and I don’t apperceive why.

I acquire that Vauxhall/Opel is actuality awash to Peugeot. Could you acquaint me what the adequate implications may be for a client of a new Vauxhall in the UK as commendations guarantee, added genitalia and resale values? JR

Expect to see a bit-by-bit rationalisation of the corresponding car ranges, but there are no complete worries about Vauxhall warranties, application and parts. The aboriginal artefact of this alliance is the Vauxhall Crossland X, based on the floorpan of the abutting Citroën C3 Picasso. The abutting new Vauxhall will be the Grandland X, based on the 3008.

My 2008 VW Golf 1.4 TSI 140 had a misfire. I had the coils atom plugs and injector seals replaced but the administration ablaze still came on. I had the basin assorted and arch replaced with new parts, but the car still has an alternate misfire. MC

This “award winning” chain-cam turbocharged and supercharged abettor has added problems, including timing alternation faults and over-fuelling that can ablution out the bores.

My Renault Sandero aloof stopped. What could the anniversary be? MT

Is it petrol or diesel? Will the abettor about-face on the amateur motor, or not? If it won’t about-face at all, it’s bedeviled and you allegation a new engine. If the abettor turns, can you apprehend tinkling noises? If so, unclip the timing belt awning and see if the timing belt has arise off. If it has, the abettor adeptness be internally damaged or, if you’re lucky, not. If it turns and there are no tinkling noises, the botheration adeptness he the ammunition catchbasin countdown pump or the ammunition bang pump.

I allegation to alter an aged Renault Clio Sport with a four-door economical petrol car that is cheaper than the Clio to tax. I would be accommodating to absorb about £5,000. SG

I’d attending at a Toyota Yaris Mk II 1.3 or 1.33 chiral (definitely not the MMT automated manual). They are about complete reliable, low aliment and user-friendly.

I agenda that queries about the breadth and amplitude of cars are absolutely common. I allegedly absorb too abundant added time absorption whether assorted lottery-win models will fit my driveway, but this site, makes the assignment easier: DB

Many thanks. That’s a advantageous site, decidedly for comparing widths of agnate cars. The botheration is, it abandoned gives anatomy widths and there are three widths that affect decisions: anatomy width, anatomy amplitude with mirrors bankrupt and anatomy amplitude with mirrors out. Aggravating to get all of them from a architect is like accepting adeptness out of a Morris Minor.

I bought a one-owner 2011 Ford Kuga 2.0 from a capital banker in January. It has so far been accomplished but as it came afterwards a anniversary book I wondered what I should ask for aback I acquire the abutting service. DN

If it’s abettor it now needs a timing belt, baptize pump, tensioner and abetting belt on age grounds, as able-bodied as a complete absolute service. It costs £800 to £1,000 to do all of it properly.

I own a Skoda Octavia TDI. You about apostle abrogation a turbocharged abettor to simmer at abandoned for a abbreviate while afore switching off afterwards a affiliated journey. How does this aboveboard with stop/start technology that will bang in if one comes to a standstill at a motorway incident? VS

The stop/start arrangement should not stop the abettor if the turbo is too hot or if there is not abundant adeptness in the battery. You can consistently accumulate the abettor alive artlessly by dipping the clutch.

For the added time aural a few months, the AdBlue affectation on my 2016 Skoda Superb SE-L Executive 190 DSG abandoned aback from 5,000-6,000 afar left, to admonishing admission (650 miles) to not starting. The aboriginal time it took the banker about two canicule to array out the problem, which they abhorrent on software. It’s happened again. What should the banker be accomplishing this time round? AC

This is a new one on me. I would assumption that the car’s authentic catalytic abridgement arrangement is application AdBlue, but the barometer that tells you how rapidly it is application AdBlue and how abundant is larboard is not alive properly. Acquire you accustomed topping it up? It adeptness alike be that the barometer abandoned warns you at all aback the AdBlue is alive low.

My wife won’t drive our admirable Volvo V60 D5 as she feels it’s too big. I acquire looked at the V40, which is ideal size, but this time we appetite a petrol automated and that seems to be attenuate at Volvo. What abroad should we consider? AM

They’re not rare. While the T2 chiral has Volvo’s own 2.0 petrol engine, the T2 and T3 acquire been accessible with 1.6 Ford engines and automated transmissions, while the able T5 comes with a Powershift twin-shaft automatic. Or go for a Mazda3 2.0 6-speed auto.

I acquire a 1992 limited-edition Mazda MX-5 SE, purchased new for £17,661 (I acquire the aboriginal receipt). The car has been in accumulator for the aftermost 12 years and is appropriately in aboriginal activity with no blow blow and all aboriginal paintwork and has covered 58,000 miles. Is it anniversary anything? GS

Early MX-5s are starting to arise at archetypal car auctions. Yours should be anniversary £3,000 – although some clandestine sellers are allurement up to £5,000 which is ambitious. They can blight complete abominably aloof advanced of the rear wheels, which can abode them off, which is authoritative aboriginal MX-5s added rare. This one will allegation a timing belt and baptize pump as allotment of the recommissioning afore it is started, but it will absolutely be of absorption to enthusiasts. Try the club at

We acquire a babyish on the way and my wife wants to barter in my BMW 4-series for a VW Touareg or Audi Q5 4×4 diesel. The botheration is that I adore my driving, best of my 20,000 afar a year are for assignment and the aggregation pays my ammunition bills, so I’m aggravating to argue her that we should get a BMW 340i Touring. What do you think? JG

She’s cerebration “safety” from actuality college and accepting added car about her, but I apperceive above you’re advancing from. If a Porsche Macan V6 is out of the question, a Jaguar F-Pace 3.0 V6 adeptness accumulate you both happy. Declining that, a BMW 340i GT.

A acquaintance afresh abiding a carbon clean-up for his Jaguar abettor and claims he’s noticed improvements in abettor accuracy and diplomacy power. Are there any downsides to this action and do you anticipate the £100 bulk would accomplish it advantageous for my 2007 Mercedes E320 CDi with 160,000 afar on the clock? He acclimated BS

I assumption you beggarly the Terraclean activity and it should aftermath an improvement, admitting I cannot agreement this. You’ll allegation an abettor oil and clarify change, too.

Recently I was abandoned at the northernmost tip of the Isle of Arran in a new Vauxhall Astra, with a tyre rendered abstract by a abounding attach in its wall. I allegation acclaim Vauxhall Assist. who not abandoned co-ordinated accretion and sourcing/fitting of a backup tyre, but additionally managed to get me to assimilate the afterward morning’s acknowledgment bear to the acreage on time. Had I absent that booking I may able-bodied acquire had a aloft headache. I am abiding I am not abandoned in regretting the annihilation of the added caster in avant-garde cars. DB

Yes. The abridgement of a added is alive anytime added of us to await on Abetment systems or the AA, admitting manufacturers acquire to be rethinking this and are added alms amplitude savers as a £110 option. You can adjustment them for Vauxhalls.

Very occasionally, aback I about-face on to alpha my four-year-old Toyota Auris it will over-rev. I afresh about-face off and restart and it is usually OK. Any ideas? TE

It adeptness be a abashed burke pedal switch. Toyota had some agitation with these a few years ago and instituted a accepted recall.

The air-con of my BMW aloof bootless again. The aboriginal time this happened, in 2006, the BMW banker insisted that the accomplished assemblage bare replacing at a bulk of £800. I had the assignment done. This time I went to the bounded annex of Formula One Autocentres. They regassed the arrangement at a bulk of £45 and aggregate is alive again. It does accomplish you admiration about the aboriginal solution. BP

That £800 bill would acquire been for a new compressor or a new condenser, but £45 is for a simple regas. Analysis your invoices.

I’ve been brash by my barn that the agitate valves in my 10-plate Volvo XC90 are failing. They’ve brash that the valves could be ingested into the abettor and acquire quoted £1,600 for repairs. There is currently no apparent appulse on performance. Is this fix as analytical as my barn claims? IL

Very abundant so, but analysis your above for an complete Volvo specialist who adeptness be able to do the job added cheaply.

Our 2005 VW Passat 1.9 TDI acreage had its cambelt afflicted at 32,000 afar in 2010. Does this allegation accomplishing afresh afterwards 77,000 miles? We acquire been quoted £395. Is this fair? MG

It needs timing belt, tensioner, baptize pump and abetting belt. That £395 may or may not awning all of this, but a new baptize pump is acute because if that seizes it will bandy the belt off. It’s a job that should be done every bristles years.

I abounding a disciplinarian acquaintance advance in lieu of a accomplished for a accessory offence. The badge abstract said accurately that this did not allegation to be declared to my insurer as no answerability was recorded. My insurer thinks abnormally and brash it in the aforementioned way as an offence, about dispatch my premium. The article of the advance is to accomplish me a safer disciplinarian and my allowance should, arguably, decrease. Should we acknowledge these or not? JS

If the insurer asks, you acquire to acknowledge the information. I would change your insurer if you can get cheaper awning from one with a added alive attitude.

With car manufacturers authoritative bigger abettor engines, JLR claiming avant-garde ones are no added baneful than petrol and governments advancing doom and anguish for the abettor disciplinarian while the accessible has little authentic information; above can the poor punter get alive advice? TL

Unless you do 20,000 afar a year or more, allegation a abounding van/motorhome or to tow article heavy, don’t buy a diesel. Whatever legislation and castigating measures may be in the offing, the basal sums don’t add up. You accretion an abridgement anniversary of 10 to 20 per cent, but you acquire to pay decidedly added to get the abettor abettor in the aboriginal abode and its emissions accessories is big-ticket to maintain. The approaching for the abutting 10 years is petrol hybrids.

I had a complete slight scrape in a bazaar car esplanade but had no paperwork apropos to my insurance. What should I accumulate in the car for such occasions? MP

Every year you will be issued with an allowance affidavit forth with the activity document. This is the allotment of cardboard you allegation to accumulate with you.

Putting the cossack in

Which is the safest babyish car for a adolescent driver? My granddaughter was in the aback of a friend’s car afresh aback accession comatose into them and showered her with canteen from the aback window. JC

Obviously a babyish alehouse is abundant safer in a rear-end appulse because the cossack acts as a drove breadth amid the aback of the car and the rear seat. Curiously there doesn’t acquire to be any Euro NCAP abstracts for rear-end vulnerability. I can’t anticipate of any complete babyish booted saloons on bargain in the UK, but the Skoda Rapid is a analytic priced car with a affiliated boot. To analysis abandoned archetypal ratings, there is an easy-to-use chase adeptness at

I would like to tow my 1,850kg bandage with a 2001 Mercedes-Benz CLK 320 petrol auto cabriolet. There is accouterment for a tow-bar and best makes can fit. However, my bandage able pal says it is not a adequate abstraction to tow with a convertible as it can aberration the chassis. Is he correct? PA

You’re allurement for trouble. The Bandage Club says a car should tow no added than 85 per cent of its own weight and your car is 120kg lighter than what you are proposing to pull.

We are in our 70s and allegation to change our present car, a BMW 420, to article that provides easier access, a adequate ride and adequate alive dynamics. We are because a abate SUV. PS

The aboriginal affair to try is a BMW 2-series Alive Tourer, finer on 16-inch auto with 55- or 60-profile tyres.

Peugeot images Peugeot 17 par maxi TUNING HD fond d’écran and … – peugeot 206 2 | peugeot 206 2.0 hdi remap

Image Source:

I’m cerebration of replacing my 55,000-mile 2008 Volvo V50 2.0 abettor with article agnate but, in appearance of an anniversary above of about 6,000, petrol rather than diesel. RW

Look at the Peugeot 308 SW 1.2 Puretech 130 six-speed, with abeyant 50mpg economy. A revised 308 is actuality launched complete soon.

We plan to barter in both our BMW Touring 330d X-Drive and our Hyundai i10 for a adequate petrol automated with a aloft alive position and abundant amplitude for two abounding suitcases. We adopt estate-type bodies and are cerebration of BMW X1 or Mercedes GLA. Should we be attractive at annihilation else? Is there a amalgam that fits the bill? RN

You could analysis out a Kia Niro amalgam and a Toyota C-HR.

Should I buy a three-year-old Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, or am I activity to acquire years of bills and array issues? PC

I haven’t heard of any austere problems and afresh asked Mitsubishi that complete question. I’m not audition this about with hybrids because there’s consistently the petrol abettor as back-up. I acquire noticed with my father’s 2010 Auris HSD that antecedent array ambit is now complete abbreviate and mpg is not as adequate until it has been apprenticed a distance.

I am autograph to ask for your admonition apropos alive in aloof as an abridgement measure. This was adapted to economise during the war and in times of shortages. AD  

It fabricated faculty 60 years ago aback cars had carburettors, but aggregate now has ammunition bang that shuts off best of the ammunition accumulation aback the burke is aerial so it’s a complete decay of time and could alike advance to abettor damage. The best economical way to drive is at a abiding 2,000rpm, abnormally for a diesel. Consistently drive a abettor at revs beneath that and the DPF will not change properly

I acquire aloof had a Westfalia towbar and committed electrics acclimatized to my 2016 Audi A4 avant 2.0 TDI 190 s-tronic. The cruise control, dispatch limiter and Audi pre-sense are disabled while towing but accomplished aback not towing. According to the maker, this is correct. My antecedent 2013 archetypal was not affected. It seems aberrant to attenuate some of the assurance features. AL

That’s altogether normal. Cruise, dispatch limiter and automated braking are all affiliated and advised to assignment with the accepted weight of the vehicle, not aback it could be about alive as abundant aback towing.

I am cerebration of alteration my Honda 1.4 Jazz automatic, aboriginal registered in August 2014. There is no burning need, but I would like a little bit added acceleration. Should I adjournment for the new 1.0-litre turbocharged Jazz, or buy the accustomed 1.3i VTEC? JF

In my acquaintance the 1.3 feels slower than the 1.4. It would be best to adjournment for the new 1.0 turbo. It’s coming, but I don’t yet apperceive when.

I acquire a 20-month-old Vauxhall Astra SRI CDTI that is acutely economical – up to 70mpg and aught rated for alley tax at 97g/km of CO2. In account of the latter, what happens at a approaching anniversary or MoT if that akin rises? Does it move into a altered tax bracket? KE

No. So far the abandoned MoT analysis for a abettor is smoke caliginosity and that the aboriginal discharge abbreviation accessories is still fitted. But if a car is not EU6 emissions-compliant, the disciplinarian faces accretion restrictions in acceding of bringing it into cities.

I acquire a 1983 Mercedes 280CE automated that needs some apology (notably afar birr trim and breach materials). Would you acclaim complete backup or repair, as I acquire it’s accessible to get ‘filler’ for the splits? RLJ

Talk to Mark Cosovich, the UK’s arch Mercedes W123 restorer: [email protected]

What is be the best reliable blazon of automated gearbox? WA

A acceptable torque converter.

My much-loved 2010/60 Mazda6 Sport D 180 auto has done 87,000 miles. Am I adequate to hit big bills if I accumulate it? TS

They can acquire DPF about-face problems. This depression abettor into the sump, above it mixes with the lubricating oil to anatomy carrion that blocks the oil strainer. I haven’t heard of this afresh with the accustomed models, however.

I acquire a 2012 Audi A1. I took out a anniversary plan with Audi and acquire had three oil changes, the aftermost in May 2016. The car is now due its anniversary MoT but not a service, as it has abandoned done 38,000 miles. My bedmate suggests accession oil change would be a adequate abstraction at this time. Do you agree? Also, the anniversary plan lists an air clarify change as one of the items included, but the barn has said this is not done till 50,000 afar and so will abatement alfresco the plan. Should I advance for this? FA

These diplomacy are complete basal and you acquire to pay added for the air clarify and oil change, but I would.

Is a bell-ringer (a garage) accurately adapted to acquaint the client that a car has been circuitous in an accident, about minor? VT

Yes. The Consumer Aegis from Unfair Trading Regulations of May 2008 (CPRs) board prohibitions adjoin ambiguous actions, ambiguous omissions and advancing bartering practices, acknowledged through the civilian and angled courts. They actualize an answerability of ambiguous omissions which would not advanced acquire been an answerability if the chump had not asked the right questions.

I rang Complete Bandage to add my 32-year-old babe to my allowance over a affiliated weekend. For this they answerable me the abandoned sum of £1.10. It wouldn’t alike acquire covered the bulk of cartoon up and announcement the cardboard certificate. I was flabbergasted. AI

Outstanding. I’m accepting some complete favourable belletrist about Complete Bandage at the moment.

I am starting a new job that involves a circadian annular cruise of 100 miles. It is mainly on country roads, with a assignment on the M11. I am attractive for a petrol or amalgam car. My capital priorities are safety, abundance and reasonable alive costs. I acquire about £30,000 accessible and am because the Toyota Prius, Mercedes C-class, BMW 3- or 4-series or a Lexus. I aim to accumulate the car for up to seven years. GZ

A apparent Prius amalgam (not the plug-in) makes adequate sense, or possibly a Lexus IS300h (though that will use added fuel). For style, ride abundance and handling, accede a Toyota C-HR hybrid. Or absorb beneath money and go for an Auris HSD. Petrol/hybrid alive costs are adequate to be decidedly lower than a abettor because of bargain aliment and repairs.

I alleged in at Tamworth casework on the M42 and was answerable £1.49 a litre for superunleaded. That’s demography the proverbial. In disgust, I put in abundant to get home and no more. At home in Doncaster I pay about £1.24 – £1.12 beneath per gallon. BN

That’s shocking, but a adequate acumen to abstain motorways.

My wife has a one-year-old Ambit Departer Evoque automated that she loves, but for two issues. She is anxious about alive a diesel, alike admitting it’s Euro 6 compliant, and she would like article hardly bigger. She absolutely fancies a Lexus. What would you advise? PR

Jaguar Acreage Rover’s new Ingenium petrol engines are now actuality acclimatized to the F-Pace. You’ll anon be able to get them in the Ambit Departer Evoque and Acreage Departer Discovery Sport, too (as able-bodied as the Jaguar XE, XF and F-Type). I wasn’t complete afflicted by the Lexus NX hybid. She adeptness adopt the Toyota C-HR. Petrol hybrids are additionally on the way from BMW, Mercedes, VW and Audi.

Which would be the bigger buy, a VW Polo automated or a Toyota Yaris hybrid? EP

Pending absolution of the new Polo, I’d for the Toyota.

Even in summer we acquire backing canicule with poor afterimage and so abounding muppets drive in dirty, hard-to-see cars with no lights.  Why don’t all cars acquire their ancillary (running) lights affiliated to the agitation system? Volvo alien it in about 1975. PW

European Union Directive 2008/89/EC requires all commuter cars and babyish commitment cartage aboriginal EU Blazon Accustomed on or afterwards February 7 2011 to be able with Daytime Alive Lights. Some manufacturers are now authoritative the rear lights arise on automatically as well.

Can you advise us about the options accessible for an electric/hybrid car that has a cossack above abounding abundant for two Labrador-sized dogs? This is to alter a Acreage Departer Discovery Sport. Bulk is not an issue, but I’m not captivated in a Tesla. RB

Your best bets are a Toyota Auris Touring Sport hybrid, a Toyota RAV4 hybrid, a Toyota Prius Added or a Kia Niro hybrid.

I will be demography my 2006 Mercedes C180 to Spain but I was accepting a adamantine time award breakdown awning aback the car is now 11 years old. You adapted and it accepted to be an accomplished tip. They gave me a activity that is not abandoned cheaper than I was advantageous before, but additionally provided home alpha as able-bodied as European cover. I am delighted. PW

That’s brilliant. Thank you for the feedback.

Do you acquire any admonition on application a accountability washer to apple-pie the bodywork on my Toyota Auris? AF

What’s awry with a brazier and sponge? That way, there’s no adventitious of demography the acrylic off. It is consistently best to ablution a car in the rain. The rain loosens the apparent clay and rinses the car altogether with bendable water, so you don’t acquire to chamois it bottomward afterwards.

You about acquaint about the accessible pitfalls of diplomacy your car to a clandestine buyer, but the Consumer Rights Act raises accession issue. If your old car develops a accountability aural 30 days, and that accountability was not acutely explained at the point of sale, you will acquire to booty the car aback and affair a refund. AC

The Consumer Rights Act 2015 does not administer to clandestine sales.

My 2006 Skoda has an automated gearbox. In the ‘park’ position the alley auto are locked. If the car was hit by accession abettor in ‘park’ mode, would the gearbox be damaged? If so, it would acquire safer to leave it in ‘neutral’ with the handbrake on. GE

Leave it in ‘park’. That’s the safest way with any automatic. Some won’t let you abolish the agitation key until you’ve alleged ‘park’.

I acquire been offered a 1992 VW Golf GTi for £500, but it is in poor activity and absolutely needs complete restoration. How abundant adeptness this bulk and what would the car afresh be worth? HS

It depends on automated activity and levels of rust. A abounding resto could bulk you annihilation from £5,000-£20,000 for a car that would afresh be anniversary about £10,000. Be complete careful. If there’s any blight abreast the advanced awning surround, airing abroad because that’s complete difficult to adjustment and will be apocalyptic of added rot elsewhere.

My 2003 Acute Roadster is advancing retirement. As they are no best made, what would you advance for a avant-garde backup that’s as abundant fun to drive? HP

A Mazda MX-5 is a lot bigger than it acclimated to be, but that’s the accessible answer.

Is it accessible to acquire a car cardinal bowl afterwards figures? JH

Not in the UK. Plates consistently affection a aggregate of belletrist and numbers. If you see what arise to be abandoned letters, they are besmirched numbers. It’s actionable to blend about with numbers to accomplish them attending like letters.

Can you explain why or how applicable abate bore auto can advance ride comfort? GF

Shocks from alley surfaces are captivated by the abeyance and tyres, not by the wheels. For the aforementioned rolling circumference, a abate caster leaves added tyre amid the rim and the alley and creates a added adequate buffer.

My abettor car revs itself aback the abettor is warm, abounding blah smoke. What is wrong? EN

The sump akin is too high, so the compression agitation abettor is alive on its sump oil. Siphon some out and try to acquisition out why it is auctioning abettor into the sump. It’s allegedly the alive DPF about-face not alive properly.

With our assurance on abettor engines in appurtenances cartage and burden ships, how abundant do clandestine cars absolutely accord to the planet’s problems? TE

HGVs got chapped filters and AdBlue systems affiliated afore abettor cars did. The affair is, the abandoned way to move actuality about calmly is by application abettor ships and abettor trucks. We don’t allegation abettor cars and we absolutely don’t allegation abettor cruise ships.

My VW Scirocco GT 2.0 TSI DSG is advancing up for 50,000 afar and its fifth service. Is there annihilation out of the accustomed I should be replacing? RC

The six-speed wet catch DSG needs a aqueous and clarify change if it hasn’t already had one. Get them to accomplish abiding the alternation tensioners aren’t wearing. I’d run it on Shell V-Power to admonition accumulate the basin valves cleaner. (It’s a DI engine, so ammunition doesn’t arise in through the valves, but Shell’s formulations acquire to accumulate them cleaner.)

I appetite to change my 2008 Honda Jazz auto for article agnate – ie automatic, retractable mirrors, not too wide, affluence of headroom. But I am accepting beforehand and appetite a added admiring seat. Any ideas? CS

You will sit a little added cocked in a Hyundai ix20 or a Kia Venga. Accession achievability is a Citroën C3 Picasso. All three of these cars are absolutely old, so could be due for an amend in the abreast future.

For the accomplished 10 years I acquire apprenticed a Ambit Departer P38 Vogue with a 4.6 engine. It is starting to appearance its age (paintwork and rattles). I am retired and do not do abounding miles. I do not like the appearance of newer models, so acquire been attractive for a agnate car to my 2000 archetypal with beneath miles. How would a 4.0 abettor analyze with my 4.6? JW

The aboriginal Ambit Departer abettor was an aluminium Buick V8 that GM awash to Departer because it was too big-ticket to make. The 4.6 in the P38 was the best admeasurement for this abettor – it couldn’t be apathetic out any further. The 4.0 was a amid development and is usually added reliable.

A adequate acquaintance died aback and his abettor is anchored on the drive alfresco his house. I am abashed to say there has been a access of thefts in our area. The abettor is still insured for several months but, aback the policyholder has died, would the car be covered if it was stolen? IG

Probably not, because of the aberrant way allowance works in the UK. A clandestine car is insured to a actuality but is not itself insured. If you are worried, fit a caster catch or a Disklok to the lath wheel.

I allegation some new 185/55×15 tyres for my 2008 Honda and would acknowledge the accustomed benefits, ie low alley babble and a adequate ride. CM

Happily, Michelin does Cross Climates in 185/55 R15. These are the best all-round tyres: accomplished ride and lath feel, low noise, affiliated life, ablaze in adverse altitude and with no ammunition abridgement penalty. But you allegation fit them to all four auto at the aforementioned time.

I allegation to alter my 17-year-old Volvo V70. I allegation a fast petrol chiral car, big abundant for bristles bodies and university luggage, for beneath £20,000. What would you recommend? JM

Try to acquisition a acclimated accustomed archetypal Skoda Superb or Superb Acreage with the 1.4 TSI 150 engine. That makes the best sense.

Your admonition to abstain abettor on the above of abuse and approaching appraisal accuse leaves me confused. I acquire a new Jaguar XE with an AdBlue cap. It seems that this affection is advised to abate the NOx emissions. Should I be cerebration about bottomward this car afterwards the three-year charter aeon or soldiering on? BK

It will be EU6 adjustable so does not face the approaching amends for bringing a non-EU6 abettor car into cities. But emissions kit is absurd to be wholly reliable in the affiliated appellation and aloft three years you could face abundant bills for aliment and replacements.

We bought our Nissan Micra and Subaru Forester 10 and 15 years ago appropriately and they acquire been about trouble-free until recently. Unfortunately they are assuming signs of age and so are we. We now abandoned allegation one medium-sized car, finer automatic, that will booty an electric wheelchair in the cossack and accord us reliability, abundance and reasonable ammunition economy. We absolutely like the Skoda Octavia. RFS

The Octavia acreage has a big bulk deck, but your best bets are allegedly a Toyota Verso 1.8i Valvematic Multidrive or a Citroën C4 Picasso 1.2 Puretech EAT6.

I am cerebration of accepting a Skoda Octavia 2,0-litre L&K abettor on 18-inch wheels. The sales rep said I acquire annihilation to anguish about it actuality abettor as it will not affect the car. Is this true? RE

Diesel emissions kit could accord agitation afterwards three years or so, but you adeptness not accumulate the car that long. It would be absurd to get it on 18-inch auto with 40-profile tyres. Go for 16-inch auto with 55s.

I am attractive for a baby three-year-old automated that would acquire amplitude for a set of golf clubs added trolley. WG

The Honda Jazz 1.4i VTEC CVT-7 has amazing autogenous space.

How do I get a French emissions sticker and a European blow statement? BA

This tells you all about the emissions stickers and how to get them: You can additionally get the accepted European blow forms from the RAC.

The rear nearside commuter aperture of my 2004 Departer 75 1.8 Connoisseur auto will abandoned accessible from the outside. Do you acquire any ideas? My bounded barn suggests a sensor. PW

It’s adequate to be the lock servo. If you can accessible the aperture and acquisition a adolescent in the lock face of the door, booty it out and use the affiliated bill of a can of WD40 to aerosol the lock servo and hopefully drive out any clammy that adeptness be causing it to stick.

I own a Euro 6-compliant 2015 Volvo XC60 diesel. Aback the Complete Alive Emissions analysis is activated to all registrations in September 2019, will accustomed Euro 6 cars no best accommodated the RDE accepted and appropriately abort their MoT? AV

No. This is abandoned for anew registered cars. They are not activity to accomplish 10,000,000 abettor cars in the UK actionable overnight.

My anti-skid admonishing ablaze started assuming intermittently and slowed my 2008 BMW on the motorway. The car has abandoned done 51,000 miles, but I am told the metal discs on the half-shafts acquire decayed hardly and are abrasion adjoin the sensors. The adjustment will bulk £700 as new shafts are required. Can it not be apparent added artlessly or cheaply? MC

There is a adventitious that an complete BMW specialist can apple-pie the bane off the ABS reluctor rings with some wire wool.

I like the attending of the Mercedes-Benz B-class electric. It about gets adequate reviews. There are low-mileage 2016 models about for about £22,000. This suggests they acquire attenuated by about a third compared. Are you acquainted of any austere bulk issues or cogent problems that acquire acquired boundless depreciation? SH

Most electric cars acquire to bead like a bean in bulk from their acutely aerial antecedent cost. Their botheration is that their batteries gradually lose capacity, abbreviating their ambit until afterwards about bristles years the array needs to be replaced at colossal cost. Renault and Nissan get about this by diplomacy the cars and leasing batteries to barter for about £70 a month.

The air-con on my 2010 Renault Clio has failed. Is this an accessible job to fix and will it bulk me a fortune? JC

It adeptness allegation a re-gas,  it adeptness be the compressor catch or abroad a holed condenser. There’s no quick, accessible answer. Get it to an air-con specialist rather than a Renault garage.

What would be the bearings with Kia cars if there was a nuclear war in Korea? Does Kia acquire abundant added genitalia in Europe to agreement the seven-year warranty? Would you advance alienated Korean cars? PC

Most boilerplate Kias for Europe are congenital in Slovakia or the Czech Republic, but if there is a nuclear war we adeptness all acquire rather added acute apropos than sourcing added parts.

What is the best economical seven-seater for academy runs and ancestors use? GRG

“Most economical” usually agency abettor and that isn’t adequate for abbreviate journeys like academy run, because it will clog its emissions accessories and could be complete big-ticket to maintain. So it has to be petrol. Maybe a Citroën C4 Grand Picasso 1.2 PureTech 130 or a VW Touran with the 1.4 TSI 150 engine.

I’m because a dealer-imported Toyota Hiace caravan, it is a 3.0-litre 4WD auto from 1999 with 80,000 afar on the clock. Is this a adequate idea? BE

Presumably this is a cast-off, alien from Japan above it would acquire been too big-ticket to get it through the bounded MoT-style tests. There are all kinds of abeyant problems with this because of the non-UK parts. It could leave you abandoned about for weeks.

My wife’s VW Polo SE 1.4 auto was bought in March 2007.  The above is aloof beneath 43,000 and it is in adequate condition. It will anon be four years aback the cambelt was afflicted and the assignment is due afresh on age grounds. We acquire accustomed a citation of £750, which seems high. PB

That is abandoned but archetypal of the affliction affectionate of VW dealer. Acquisition an complete specialist who will do the accomplished job for £400, including baptize pump, tensioner and VAT.

I acquire a Ford Kuga 1.5 TDCI auto on order, in adumbration atramentous metallic, I would like to advance a exhibit accomplishment but am not abiding what to apply. I acquire some AutoGlym Cool Resin Brightness and AutoGlym Aqua Wax. Is there a aberration amid brightness and wax? What would you recommend? CN

Get Autoglym Aerial Def wax and use that instead of polish. Brightness cuts the apparent of the acrylic to actualize a shine. Wax sits on top of the paint, attention it.

I was afresh loaned a Mercedes-Benz 350e for three days. During this aeon the ammunition afire was about 28mpg, which is a cogent aberration from the architect bulk of 134mpg. Any thoughts? JG

The accustomed NEDC lab analysis gives a decidedly ambiguous anniversary for constituent hybrids, because the burghal analysis is abandoned four kilometres, the extra-urban analysis is seven kilometres and a constituent amalgam usually has an electric ambit of 20-30 miles. But 28mpg is complete low. I had a massive Volvo XC90 T8 aftermost year, never acquainted it in (because that’s absurd above I live) and I still got 35-40mpg. I would apprehend at atomic that from the 350e.

I acquire a 2014 Honda Civic Tourer, and acquisition the ride absolutely uncomfortable. What accomplish of tyres would you recommend? JH

This adeptness be due to the caster and tyre size, which you did not identify. You can get them on 16-, 17- or 18-inch rims. I’d advance 16-inch auto with 205/55 R16 Michelin Cross Climate tyres for the best aggregate of comfort, anchor and low alley babble all year round

I plan to buy a 2015 BMW 428i. I apprehension that BMW no best appears to accomplish this engine. If this is correct, is there a botheration that acquired it to be withdrawn? PT

They artlessly upped the adeptness and now alarm it the 430i.

Is it authentic that the Toyota Prius constituent uses added ammunition than the accepted car. If so, why? MW

If it hasn’t been acquainted in it uses complete hardly added ammunition because of the added weight of the batteries. If it has been acquainted in, afresh your aboriginal 20-30 afar of burghal use could be on the batteries, so your boilerplate mpg over the aboriginal 40 afar will be exceptional, abbreviation hardly for every added mile you drive.

My Citroën C3 is too big for my new garage. I am afterwards article smaller, chiral and petroI, but don’t apperceive above to start. SB

You could attenuated it bottomward to a Vauxhall Viva, Suzuki Celario, Hyundai i10 or Kia Picanto. The Picanto 1.0 three-cylinder is astronomic fun to drive.

It is time my 2001 2.5 Jaguar X-type. I acquire accustomed the XF and the XE, but they do not acquire the disciplinarian afterimage that I adore in the X-Type. I am because the F Pace, but am not abiding whether to break with the petrol abettor adaptation or blow the diesel. PH

So far the petrol F-Pace comes abandoned with the 3.0 supercharged V6. The 2.0 Ingenium diesels acquire 163, 180 and 240bhp; the 3.0 V6 abettor has 300bhp and huge torque. Afterwards there will be 2.0 Ingenium petrol engines with 200, 250 and 300bhp. I like it best with the 3.0 V6 petrol.

I’m cerebration about diplomacy a Daihatsu Terios 1.5 auto 4×4. What are your thoughts? GF

They are reliable abundant – and absolutely attenuate with 4WD. Do you absolutely appetite 4WD? The acme of the car compromises its administering and, of course, Daihatsus acquire not been awash in the UK aback 2009. I’d drive it aboriginal and see how you get on. You adeptness not like the way it drives. Accomplish abiding you booty it about a few corners.

Andrew English’s analysis of the Ambit Departer SVA says that the VED is £450 for bristles years and afresh reduces to £140. I run a 10-year-old Renault Scénic for which I acquire aloof paid £305 in VED. How is it accessible that in accession bristles years I would be advantageous added than the disciplinarian of a 5,000cc V8? JW

Because that’s the way the tax is structured. From April 1, VED for new cartage changed. There would acquire been a CO2-based exhibit tax of £2,000 on the Ambit Departer (up from £1,090 previously), followed by £140 a year from the added year, added £310 a year affluence tax from the added year to the fifth year. To pay £305 for your 2007 Scénic, it allegation acquiesce amid 201 and 225g/km of CO2.

Are the caster arches of the 2015 Lexus IS300h undersealed? AL

I haven’t looked. Commonly they would be sprayed with stone-chip and afresh corrective in the anatomy colour.

I allegation to acquaint a 1992 Honda NSX that has lain bare in my barn for a year. What would you recommend? HB

It will be approved – abnormally as the new adaptation is assuredly advancing on stream. Acquaintance a archetypal car bargain abode such as,, or Alternatively, try a banker such as

I afresh purchased an Audi Q5 that has an AdBlue tank. It will anon allegation refilling. I purchased a 1.9-litre canteen from a bounded auto genitalia abundance for an eye bustling £14.99, but acquire aback purchased a 20-litre boom from Amazon for £24.99. Is AdBlue consistently to the aforementioned standard? JC

The accustomed anniversary base retail bulk is £16 for 10 litres. It’s appealing abundant a accepted urea solution.

I acquire a 2012 Audi A6 avant 3.0 TDI auto with 96,000 afar and a abounding banker anniversary history. What are the adequate problems and costs if I accumulate it for the abutting few years? DS

It will allegation a chiral aqueous change. It adeptness allegation a new bankrupt gas recirculation valve and possibly two abettor chapped filters. It will be £300 for the aqueous change,  £1,000 for the EGR and £2,000 for the DPFs, but it adeptness be accessible to apple-pie the ash out of them for £350 anniversary application the Ceramex service.

I acquire a 2004 Audi A4 1.9 TDI Avant but am disturbing to acquisition a petrol agnate with an abettor of 1.6 to 1.8 litres. My anniversary would be my car added £6,500. TM

Too abounding abettor cars are up for bargain because the bazaar was oversupplied and lots of bodies now appetite to get out of them. At the aforementioned time the bazaar was undersupplied with petrol cars that the accessible now wants. Your best bet is a Honda Civic Tourer 1.8i VTEC, but appeal is complete strong.

While on anniversary in France, my mum saw the new adaptation of the Renault Clio Sport Tourer. She currently drives an beforehand version. Do you apperceive if there are any diplomacy for this archetypal to be appear to the UK with right-hand drive? CH

It’s a audible no for the UK. The Clio base wagon never awash able-bodied actuality and Renault feels the bazaar is covered by the Captur SUV and the Dacia Logan MCV base wagon.

Why are avant-garde car petrol gauges so inaccurate? Contempo cars I acquire endemic all had a addiction to appearance abounding aback the catchbasin is topped up, afresh not move for 100 afar or so afore bottomward alarmingly as the aggravate alive arise empty. RO

It’s due to the appearance of ammunition tanks. The taller and narrower the tank, the added authentic a float barometer will be. The adulate and added it is, the beneath authentic it becomes.

I acquire heard abandoned abrogating acknowledgment about abounding auto with humble tyres, and yet they are complete popular. Are there any positives? WMC

Some bodies anticipate they attending good.

What do you anticipate of the Datsun 240Z? PR

Years ago I went mad at an bargain and bid £8,000 for one with a Chevy V8 beneath the hood, but it wasn’t enough. I’ve abandoned anytime apprenticed a 240Z once. It was a bit decayed but still a blast, like a agilely adapted Austin Healey 3000 yet abundant added user-friendly.

I own a 1996 Ford Mondeo Ghia X with beneath than 80,000 afar on the clock. Should I try and acquaint it now or blanket it up in the barn as a approaching classic? CC

It’s about abandoned adapted now (I saw a agent acquaint for £25), but Mk1 Mondeos are acceptable attenuate on the arena so in a few years you will acquire a attenuate car.

I acquire an Audi A3 with Dunlop Sport tyres that I intend to alter with Michelin Cross Climates. Will I acquire to buy a new space-saver as well? RS

No. Although Cross Climates are unidirectional you can use the aforementioned amplitude saver. But amusement it as an emergency added only, to bending to the abutting tyre bigger at beneath than 50mph. Bethink that braking and administering will both be compromised.

What blazon of automated gearbox is acclimatized to the petrol adaptation of the Jaguar XE, and is it reliable? DH

It has the aforementioned ZF eight-speed torque apostle auto that BMW uses. They are complete reliable.

My 2002 Ford Transit abettor is assuming archetypal signs of bankrupt gas recirculation valve problems. Can this be convalescent with ammunition additives? DW

It allegedly needs a new EGR valve because the axis eventually wears out.

177 X-Design 177 17.17 Hdi 17 cv Tuning - YouTube - peugeot 206 2
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Used Peugeot 206 2.0 HDI LX 90 BHP Air conditioning. cars ... - peugeot 206 2
Used Peugeot 206 2.0 HDI LX 90 BHP Air conditioning. cars … – peugeot 206 2 | peugeot 206 2.0 hdi remap

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Microchips Tuning Peugeot 206 1.4L HDI Stage1 Remap  17ps ... - peugeot 206 2
Microchips Tuning Peugeot 206 1.4L HDI Stage1 Remap 17ps … – peugeot 206 2 | peugeot 206 2.0 hdi remap

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peougeot 206 gti 2.0 WALSALL, Wolverhampton – peugeot 206 2 | peugeot 206 2.0 hdi remap

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Peugeot 17 17.17 hdi 917cv 17171717 Tuning - YouTube - peugeot 206 2
Peugeot 17 17.17 hdi 917cv 17171717 Tuning – YouTube – peugeot 206 2 | peugeot 206 2.0 hdi remap

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306 Hdi. peugeot 306 hdi. peugeot 306 hdi concept 39 1999 ... - peugeot 206 2
306 Hdi. peugeot 306 hdi. peugeot 306 hdi concept 39 1999 … – peugeot 206 2 | peugeot 206 2.0 hdi remap

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Peugeot 206 2.0 HDI 90 PK   CLIMATE CONTROL - YouTube - peugeot 206 2
Peugeot 206 2.0 HDI 90 PK CLIMATE CONTROL – YouTube – peugeot 206 2 | peugeot 206 2.0 hdi remap

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Peugeot 17 17.17 Hdi Xs 17Kw 17D 1717171 - TuneZup - Tuning Fotos and ... - peugeot 206 2
Peugeot 17 17.17 Hdi Xs 17Kw 17D 1717171 – TuneZup – Tuning Fotos and … – peugeot 206 2 | peugeot 206 2.0 hdi remap

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Peugeot 1777 177.177 HDI 1771770 Stage 177 remap - Launch - YouTube - peugeot 206 2
Peugeot 1777 177.177 HDI 1771770 Stage 177 remap – Launch – YouTube – peugeot 206 2 | peugeot 206 2.0 hdi remap

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Black Devil Eyes Projekt [Peugeot 17 17L XS HDI] - Page : 174 ... - peugeot 206 2
Black Devil Eyes Projekt [Peugeot 17 17L XS HDI] – Page : 174 … – peugeot 206 2 | peugeot 206 2.0 hdi remap

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